The “national” tables and chairs accompany the flow of Vietnamese memories

Office furniture worthy of “national” title

Generations of 8X and 9X must still remember the time in the 2000s, when the legendary blue and black swivel chair of Hoa Phat Furniture began to appear on the market. At that time, this product was usually only available at the offices of large companies. By the 2010s, Hoa Phat Furniture’s swivel chair products had appeared more, not only in offices but also in many households, and became a familiar friend, helping students study at home comfortably. , much more comfortable. At that time, the “legendary” green chair was always in the top of the favorite and sought-after products of many Vietnamese consumers.

Tables and chairs

The “legendary” Hoa Phat chairs have been widely used in offices since the 2000s

Besides the legendary swivel chair, the wooden desk of Hoa Phat Furniture is also a familiar product to all office workers. With a large, durable tabletop design with drawers and drawers to help employees store many documents and papers, Hoa Phat Furniture’s wooden table deserves the name of a popular product for many years.

Tables and chairs

The handy wooden desk is familiar to all office workers.

Home products win everyone’s trust

Over the past two decades, many Vietnamese people have had the habit of saying, “Sell me Hoa Phat Furniture” every time they go shopping, because Hoa Phat furniture is not only durable over the years, but also suitable for everyone. Every home and convenient.

Tables and chairs

Hoa Phat furniture helps to decorate the living space of multi-generation Vietnamese families

One of the products that can be said to be a “best-seller” in the 2000s is the Hoa Phat Furniture safe, with a simple but modern design that is sure to help secure each family’s valuables. family. To this day, Hoa Phat furniture has also improved and launched many new safes, but the “less is more” criterion in the design has always been maintained, helping the brand to create a strong foothold in the market. furniture industry in general and home furniture in particular.

Tables and chairs

Hoa Phat Furniture is one of the few Vietnamese brands pioneering in the production of safes, helping families easily store valuables and belongings.

School furniture associated with many generations

Not only present in family meals, meeting friends or signing important contracts, Hoa Phat Furniture also accompanies on the path of knowledge conquest. A two-person wooden table and chair set for primary school students, or a set of instant tables and chairs, has accompanied students throughout their school years.

Tables and chairs

Wooden table and chair set with powder-coated steel frame for elementary school students is extremely durable and sturdy

For students at international schools, or taking courses at an English center, a chair with a small folding table is no longer strange. Possessing a convenient function, both studying and being able to hold notebooks and laptops, this chair still appears regularly, even in class meetings, attending class until now.

Tables and chairs

Hoa Phat Furniture Chairs are widely used in English centers, schools, especially international schools. (Source: Science and Development Newspaper)

In addition to home and office furniture, Hoa Phat Furniture products are also present in many public works such as bus stations, airports, stadiums, medical works such as hospitals, examination centers…

Tables and chairs

The lounge chairs with aluminum material often placed in the corridors are familiar products of Hoa Phat Furniture.

Today, Hoa Phat Furniture’s products are still being developed with more variety and quality, and are a silent companion on the way to conquer each person’s goals. On January 5, 2022, Hoa Phat Furniture Brand officially changed its name to The One Furniture, with a change in vision and development strategy, consolidating its leading position in the field of office furniture in Vietnam. and reach international level.

In the future, the company will continue to maintain the motto “Taking customers as the center, respecting partners and accompanying agents”, promoting the core values ​​that have made Hoa Phat Furniture’s name. over the past 26 years: Creativity – Aspiration – Enthusiasm – Care.

In the first stage, the company will simultaneously maintain the old identity of Hoa Phat Furniture and the new identity of The One Furniture on labels, product packaging, agency stores… The transformation is carried out from January 1, 2022.

To learn more about the rebranding campaign as well as The One Furniture brand, please visit the landing page:


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