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The strongest candidate Miss World 2021 lost the crown because of attitude?

After the final of Miss World 2021 ended, netizens dug up a post about the personalities of Karolina Bielawska and Olivia Yacé.

Final Miss World – Miss World 2021 – ended not long ago. The highest position belongs to the representative of Poland – Karolina Bielawska.

American beauty – Shree Saini – won 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up was given to Ivory Coast representative – Olivia Yacé.

The strongest candidate Miss World 2021 lost the crown because of attitude?-1
The crowning moment of the top 3 Miss World 2021.

For the audience who closely follows the Miss World 2021 journey, the representative of Ivory Coast – Olivia Yacé – is always considered a very prominent candidate.

Not only strong in stature, beautiful people of color also have “terrible” achievements in additional points, no contestant can pass.

She won the Head to Head Challenge – Confrontational rhetoric, won the Top Model – Supermodel award, won the Multimedia award – Miss Media, reached the top 27 of Miss Talent.

However, in the final, Olivia Yacé only won 2nd runner-up. Meanwhile, the person wearing the crown – Karolina Bielawska – don’t have any side achievements other than top 13 Top Model.

Even before the final, the Ivory Coast representative was always considered by experts to be the top candidate for the crown, while the Polish representative was only assessed at a moderate level.

The strongest candidate Miss World 2021 lost the crown because of attitude?-2
2nd runner up and Miss World 2021.

Until recently, netizens dug up a social media post on February 13 – a whole month before the final of Miss World 2021 took place.

The post talks about the personality of the Ivory Coast representative and the Polish representative. According to shady sources, Olivia Yacé is not very friendly with the contestants.

“In Miss World, no matter how high the secondary achievement is, if the attitude is not good, it is impossible to touch the crown”extract the content of the post.

In contrast to the beauty of Ivory Coast, there are many sources that believe that Poland is the contestant most loved by the Miss World staff because of her friendly personality.

From this detail, the post also mentions that Karolina Bielawska can win the noble crown.

The strongest candidate Miss World 2021 lost the crown because of attitude?-3
The post correctly guessed the result of Miss World 2021, that the representative of Ivory Coast, no matter how beautiful and good, could not be crowned, a girl who is friendly, kind and popular with BTC members like the Polish representative. will be crowned (Photo: Miss World).

Although the above information has not been verified, it is still believed by many to be true.

Thereby it can also be seen that the decision of the results sometimes does not lie in the achievements of the exam sections, but also on the style, personality, behavior, private life… of the candidates.

As Luong Thuy Linh – Vietnam’s representative at Miss World 2019 – once revealed, in this contest, from the BTC staff to the contestants’ managers are all underground judges.

They follow closely and will get to know each girl best. Therefore, a Miss World may surprise the audience when crowned, but it is definitely the best choice from the BTC side, who can carry out the charitable mission and together with the BTC make many things. nice value.

According to Vietnamnet

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