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The teacher only criticized 1 sentence, everyone praised it too skillfully!

Students are an extremely naive age, have immature and frank thoughts, this is most clearly shown through the lessons. Literature. There have been many times that netizens have witnessed very authentic “disguise” articles from young students. Therefore, families with children in primary or secondary school are also a bit “sneaky”.

But what if from the perspective of describing my own teacher? Recently, an essay by elementary school students shared on social networks has made many people laugh and cry because of the teacher’s disrepute. At the end of the paragraph, do not forget to add 2 words of exclamation “boring!”the specific content of the passage is as follows:

“My aunt’s name is Cam. Her hobby is to teach students seriously. She likes beef jerky, roast beef and she likes fashion. I don’t like the way you bully me to stay. So boring. !”.

The essay badmouthing the teacher is full of praise, all of them have weird hobbies: The teacher only criticizes one sentence and everyone praises it too skillfully!  - Photo 1.

Middle school students are shocked by the way they describe their teacher’s hobbies

The article after being published has received the attention of netizens. Everyone laughed at the innocence and honesty of the students when describing their teacher. In addition, many compliments are also given to the students’ observation, very good and honest description.

Even so, netizens are still extremely worried about this student, because perhaps after the exposure with this essay, the teacher of this student will probably have to pay more attention to this student. Because the teacher’s eloquent criticism is even more difficult: “I agree with your paragraph. But if you write correctly, cleanly, and write quickly, I will not force you anymore. I promise!”.

Some comments from the online community:

– Perhaps the most awkward person here is probably the teacher who marks the test, the students care about me too much!

– I am most afraid of elementary school children, very honest writing. Want to ask for samples of the children!

– This baby must love you so much that he notices you little by little!

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