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The winner of Miss Grand International, the person who reached the top of Miss World

Once again, “teacher” Minh Tu made the public admire her two remarkable training performances. Both representatives of Vietnam in the biggest beauty arena on the planet reached the top, all Thuy Tien was crowned Miss Grand 2021, now the public is bursting with Do Thi Ha’s great achievement at Miss World 2021. Both girls studied. All the games made Minh Tu raise his eyebrows with international media.

Do Thi Ha used to clumsy before reaching the Top 12 of Miss World 2021

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After the coronation, Do Thi Ha received many mixed opinions, maybe this is part of the impact on her confidence. The first show in her career performed with seniors Tieu Vy and Luong Thuy Linh, Do Ha used to be inferior to the whole episode.

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When alone on the runway, Do Ha is more confident but her steps are still not really smooth and flexible.

Do Ha’s catwalk ability also worried the public, but right when preparing to fight Miss World 2021, Do Ha was taught by Minh Tu. Even Minh Tu has to admit that Miss World is not her style, but she will still wholeheartedly guide Do Ha, the rest all depends on Do Ha’s efforts and determination.

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Through the “molding” hands of supermodel Minh Tu, Do Thi Ha seems to transform into a different person in every step of her catwalk.

Not letting the public wait long, Do Thi Ha had a catwalk display before boarding the plane. From the charisma to the body to the way to hit the hips … all are extremely flexible thanks to the instruction of Minh Tu.

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The result was beyond the public’s imagination when Do Thi Ha reached the top 13 of Miss World 2021, Miss Hau cleverly showed off her long straight legs in the design. Zara dress 700k.

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In the evening gown performance, Do Thi Ha shows the graceful catwalk steps in Do Long’s design, she is increasingly proving her progress, no longer clumsy as before, but also more charismatic. more confident.

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Thuy Tien used 4 “unique” moves of Minh Tu and was crowned Miss Grand 2021

In just 6 days of “training”, Minh Tu turned Thuy Tien from a shy and gentle runner into a warlike contestant of Vietnam at this year’s Miss Grand.

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From the facial expression, the way to smile, the way to lift the hair, stroke the hands, hit the hips… all are taught by Minh Tu wholeheartedly. There are tips that only seasoned people like Minh Tu know, and Thuy Tien is really lucky to have a “teacher” like Minh Tu.

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All of Minh Tu’s instructional tips are applied by Thuy Tien at Miss Grand, and besides, she also creates more highlight ways to make the catwalk more hot and wild.

And as a result, Thuy Tien had a historic coronation

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Thuy Tien shows off a skillful catwalk at Miss Grand 2021. Hot body, gorgeous beauty is even more sublimated thanks to Thuy Tien’s melancholy catwalk ability.

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Even on the final night, Thuy Tien randomly kicked her feet to the beat of the music, making her performance even hotter. 20220317110857589.chn

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