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This vegetable has many antibiotics to help treat coughs and sore throats very well, but Vietnamese people rarely use them

Healer Bui Dac Sang

Chives are a familiar vegetable, especially in rural areas of Vietnam. Shallots are similar in appearance and taste to leeks, but are used less frequently than red onions.

According to experts, in terms of health benefits, chives are not inferior to onions, even superior in several things such as curing skin infections, intestinal worms or treating coughs and fevers in children.

Colonel, doctor Bui Hong Minh (Ba Dinh District Eastern Medicine Association) said that in ancient books, there are very clear records on the use of leeks and advised: “Shallots are the most warm, beneficial to humans, should be eaten regularly .” . In particular chives have natural antibiotics that are very good for children, can cure coughs, fevers, flu… very effective.

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Chives are listed in ancient books as excellent and oriental medicine experts recommend that people eat a lot. Illustration.

Researcher and doctor Bui Dac Sang (Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology) added that scallion in traditional medicine has a sweet and spicy taste, warm, slightly sour, sweet seeds, and a ventilation effect in the lungs. Lowers gastric fullness in the stomach, regulates viscera , from colic due to cold.

Pak Sang said that scallions can be used in various ways, such as watering, combining with other foods to make dishes, or even eating them raw.

For the treatment of chives cough, herbalist Bui Dac Sang instructed as follows: Use a handful of spring onions, finely chopped and diced with alum sugar to eat.

In addition, green onions (100 grams) can be steamed with pure honey, which is also very good for treating coughs and colds. The reason is, chives have very strong natural antibiotic properties, combined with honey has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and bactericidal properties which are very good for children who have coughs or colds.

However, the drug combining shallots with honey is not used for infants and children under 1 year of age. For children at this age, use scallions + rock sugar as mentioned above.

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Chives combined with honey is a valuable remedy, but should not be used for infants, under 1 year of age. Illustration.

Shallots are also used to treat diarrhea, colds by: Take a handful of spring onions, half a handful of garlic, a handful of cooked rice with two cups of water, then add a little tangerine peel, pepper, ginger and salt. , eat when hungry. People with food poisoning can also use a handful of chives leaves, mash them, and squeeze the juice to drink.

In particular, people who are weak due to tuberculosis can use chives in combination with some other herbs for treatment. Specifically: Use chives seeds 16g, raspberry 24g, raspberry zebra 6g, rabbit tutu 24g, dead crusher 6g, kim Anh Tu 16g, lotus jelly 16g, goji berry 24g, five vizies 6g, Erotic 24g Hoac, 48g Hoai Son, Field 48g.

Everything is added to the decoction on one scale per day, divided into 3 times, drink for 5 days in a row, rest for 3 days, then repeat two more courses to be effective.

Experts also recommend that, although good chives have many uses, it’s best to consult a professional before using them for specific instructions. Because everyone has a different body and body, so the use is also different.

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