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To make life smoother and happier, here are 8 friends that everyone should have

Did you know that people without friends have a lower life expectancy? This is a fact that has been studied scientifically.

To have a happier, longer and happier life, the 8 types of friends below are important.

1. Loyal friend

Sometimes, a close and loyal friend is all you need to stay sane. Each of us needs a friend who never judges, always ready to support us in any situation. That’s the person who, despite seeing the “craziest” part of you, knows your deepest secrets, but still loves you.

2. A fearless adventurer

To live a smoother and happier life, here are 8 friends everyone needs - 1

We live in a vast world where there are so many things to discover, so many people to meet, and so many experiences waiting for us. Yet many of us get stuck in our own ruts and forget about real life.

We all need adventurous friends, true adventurers. They are the ones who will pull you out of your shell, out of your comfort zone and learn and discover new cultures, philosophies and experiences.

3. Friends who don’t care about the truth are painful

Everyone’s life is like that, there will be times when we have to face the harsh reality. And no one will tell you that except honest friends who don’t mind the painful truth.

They are the ones who are willing to tell the cruel truth, pull out your rose-colored glasses and tell you, “That’s enough. Stop breaking up and get back together with him. You deserve a good person. More than that.”

Truth is not always easy to hear, but people who are willing to speak it are needed in life. You won’t meet many people like that, so value the honest and genuine friends you have.

4. Wise Mentor

Politician Jesse Jackson once said, “Never look down on someone if you can’t be of any use to them.”

If you have intelligent, inspiring, and awesome friends, know that you are a very lucky person. We all need friends who inspire us to be better without the judgmental whining that makes us feel inadequate. Being with such people will help us have the motivation to improve ourselves every day.

A great mentor in your life doesn’t have to be someone in the same field or with the same interests as you, but simply someone who is right in front of you, with enough wisdom and patience to keep you on track. It can be anyone, a colleague, an older friend or a neighbor, as long as you respect them and want to be like them.

5. Friends from other cultures

To make life smoother and happier, here are 8 friends that everyone should have - 3

Everyone wants to explore more than get stuck in their little world. When you have friends from other cultures, you see the diversity, richness and beauty of this world.

Friendships between cultures will allow you to discover more traditions, customs and new values. These things can also help you solve the problem.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should rush to make friends from other cultures. Open your mind and when you meet someone you want to befriend, don’t forget to learn about the customs, values ​​and traditions of the place where they live.

6. Fight friends

Our general mentality is that we like to gather in the same group and attack different opponents. However, if you only develop friendships with people who share your beliefs, habits, and values, you are more likely to become increasingly isolated from the outside world. At that time, you will easily be prejudiced against anyone who has a different opinion than yours.

Therefore, it is better to step out of your comfort zone and make friends with people who hold opposing views. They will help you open your eyes to a different world view. You will learn to accept people who see the world through a different lens.

7. Friendly neighbors

Currently, there are many people who do not know who their neighbors are. This is a shame because neighbors can be the kindest and most helpful people to you.

If you’re on vacation and suddenly remember that you forgot to lock your door, you can call a trusted neighbor for help instead of skipping the trip.

Open and improve communication with neighbors, most likely you will open a lot of good relations.

8. Close companion

To make life smoother and happier, here are 8 friends everyone should have - 4

Did you know that for a full-time job, each of us spends at least 50% of our time (except sleeping time) working?

Statistics show that the more isolated you are at work, the more depressed you will be. That’s why each of us needs close colleagues, friends who can talk and help each other relieve stress. Both will feel more comfortable having someone to talk to during lunchtime than being alone.

Close coworkers don’t have to be your best friends in real life. They are someone you can bond with to some extent and of course if the two of you have a lot in common, it is advisable to get together after hours to get closer.

Get loyal friends, fearless adventurers, very outspoken people, wise mentors, friends from other cultures, opposite personalities, close neighbors If you are friendly and close associates, your life will surely become smoother and happier .

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