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Turn old things into storage accessories

Kitchen is one of the most complicated and cluttered areas of our homes. Imagine what it would be like if you were a person who loved to cook and organized cooking at home for a lot of friends and relatives. This means that you will use all the kitchen utensils and equipment for every dish.

Recycling used furniture in your home not only saves you unnecessary money, but also effectively protects the environment. The question is how to recycle old furniture to ensure the aesthetics as well as the functionality of the items?

To keep things from being too superfluous and messy in your small kitchen, use these useful homemade kitchen tools!

1. Wine stopper


If you’re a wine drinker and somehow you own a lot of wine corks, get this one in mind. It will give a striking accent to your kitchen while keeping your utensils neater.

2. Wooden wall mount


This wooden rack can give you a lot of storage options. Not only will this help you free up some space and provide storage, but it will also provide a warm, rustic look to the kitchen.

3. Tin storage box


This pretty DIY tin box is sure to give your kitchen table a pretty look and is a stylish place to store and display cutlery.

4. Lego blocks


If you have Lego pieces just lying around the house, use them to make household items this way.

5. Ladder for hanging pots and pots


Creating an eye-catching focal point for your kitchen will provide you with enough storage space while your pots and pans look even better when hung up this way.

6. Table hanging kitchen utensils


Designing a wall with contrasting colors to hang many kitchen utensils and help the space have an eye-catching aesthetic.

7. Wooden tool box


Another way to bring warm, rustic wood to your kitchen is extremely convenient to store things.

8. Organize to hang the boxes on the horizontal bar


Create a fun accent in your kitchen by adding this boho-chic vertical organizer that is sure to create a great contrast like the one in this photo. It will give you a modern look combined with a stylish look and refined texture. Plus, it provides plenty of storage room for your kitchen supplies.

9. The door to hang clothes


If you don’t want to close the hole in the wall, you can use the old door to hang things. A little more clever, please repaint it to bring a new highlight to the kitchen.

10. Wire holder


Take a wire mesh and clean it. Spray on a rust-proof primer, then finally coat with epoxy paint in your color of choice, add hooks and hang it on the kitchen wall, you’ve created yourself a beautiful hanging tool storage.

11. Colorful Mason jars


Add an instant mood booster with this lovely glass vase. It adds a playful, pastel hue that can brighten any space. This is also a versatile storage that you can use in your bathroom, bedroom and living space even in the dining table.

12. Brass bracket


Add a modern look to your kitchen space with a copper tube rack that doubles as a shelf for storage needs – showcase your pots and pans with some hanging decor spectacular.

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