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UK deploys missile defense system to Poland

Britain’s advanced Sky Saber air defense system. (Photo: Telegraph)

The move took place in the context Russian military campaign in Ukraine is still going on.

The decision was made during the visit of British Defense Minister Ben Wallace to Warsaw.

Mr. Wallace said during his visit to Warsaw: “We will deploy Sky Saber, a medium-range air defense missile system, and about 100 military personnel to Poland, affirming our support for Poland and protecting its airspace against any Russian action.“.

According to a spokesman for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the system was deployed after a request from the Polish government and will always remain under the control of British forces.

UK deploys missile defense system to Poland - Photo 1.

Sky Saber is capable of hitting targets the size of a tennis ball. (Photo: Military Wiki)

Deployment decision air defense system Advanced Sky Saber to Poland comes just days after Russia attacked Ukraine’s Yavoriv Military Range, 30km northwest of the city of Lviv, less than 25km from the Polish border on March 13. . This is the largest training ground in western Ukraine and often hosts joint military exercises with NATO.

The Sky Saber air defense system is said to be able to launch missiles at a speed of 3,700 km / h, can hit targets the size of a tennis ball, used to destroy aircraft and drones. steering and rockets. The truck-mounted weapon system includes Giraffe radar units and Landceptor launchers, which can simultaneously control up to 24 missiles from a central unit.

According to British military sources, the Sky Saber missile has a maximum range of 45 km, with a maximum flight speed of up to Mach 4, equivalent to 1,372 m / s. Therefore, it is capable of shooting down enemy fighters or smart bombs.

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