Vietnamese producers lost more than 6 billion dong because of rescheduled movie screenings

Vietnamese producers decided to postpone the screening of the film. They accept financial losses after each reschedule.

Two weeks before the scheduled release, the producer of 578: Madman’s Shot announced to postpone the movie screening to early May. This is a last-minute decision but appropriate in the context of the precarious film market at the moment.

The same fate as Luong Dinh Dung’s work, the film Maika – The Girl From Another Planet Director Ham Tran also withdrew from the race Vietnamese movies March.

Directors and producers think that they are not secure when bringing their brainchild to theaters when the epidemic situation is complicated. To ensure safety in terms of revenue, they accepted to postpone the show even though they had to suffer great losses in communication and PR costs…

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It costs 6 billion dong when rescheduled

Director Luong Dinh Dung said that this is the first and official reschedule of 578: Madman’s Shot. After two years, since the announcement of the project and the start of filming, the release plan of the action work still has to change.

The male director analyzed that if the film was released on March 25 as expected, the film would face many difficulties due to the complicated disease situation across the country with an increasing number of infections.

The decrease in the number of moviegoers coming to theaters compared to February is also the reason for the film’s revenue to be seriously affected. Therefore, the manufacturer decided to choose a safer time.

“We chose the month of May as the beginning of summer, which would be suitable for action movies. Especially 578: Bullet of the Madman is a movie genre with many big contexts. At that time, the epidemic situation is predicted to more stable. Audience regains the mentality of buying tickets to the theater“, he said.

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Two Vietnamese movies: 578: The Madman’s Bullet and Maika – The Little Girl From Another Planet rescheduled screenings. Photo: DPC.

Productor flim 578: Madman’s Shot According to initial statistics, the damage after the rescheduled screening amounted to more than 6 billion VND. However, they accept the costs incurred to ensure safety in terms of revenue.

The fact that Vietnamese films alternately rescheduled screenings, film critic Nguyen Phong Viet assessed 578: Madman’s Shot and Maika – The Girl From Another Planet are two large investment projects. In which, Luong Dinh Dung’s film has an investment budget of over 60 billion VND.

Therefore, the producer cannot introduce the film to the audience in the situation that the theater market is going down, the risk is great.

In my opinion, film directors and producers have foreseen this situation. The fact that they moved the movie was a forced and wise decision at this time. With a large amount of investment, they cannot bet on a risky, precarious gamble.”Mr. Nguyen Phong Viet said.

Explaining why Vietnamese films chose May to premiere, film critics analyzed that at that time, vaccine coverage for ages 5 to under 12 had been deployed, the Covid-19 epidemic situation was under control. intend to return. At that time, the audience will be less worried and afraid when deciding to buy movie tickets.

In addition, in the summer, many Hollywood blockbusters will land in Vietnam such as Doctor Strange 2, Top Gun, John Wick: Chapter 4. That makes the film market will gradually recover and prosper again.

The advantage of “Shadow Ball”

While two Vietnamese films have a large investment, it is expected that 578: Madman’s Shot and Maika – The Girl From Another Planet rescheduled, the remaining two projects are Incubus by Le Van Kiet and Western Girlfriend by Vo Dang Khoa still keeps the same release schedule.

Notably, Balloons, which has an early screening on March 17 and officially released from March 18, has a great advantage when it does not have to confront foreign blockbusters or other Vietnamese films.

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The cast in Le Van Kiet’s film Ball De. Photo: Phuong Lam.

Of course, Le Van Kiet’s works will be given priority in screening. The last important thing that can make a movie successful in terms of revenue comes from product quality.

Up to this point, Shadow Shadow is still a mystery. Director Le Van Kiet is the guarantee for many successful film works in the past, so the audience has quite a lot of expectations. If the film is good and well-organized, I think it will reach a revenue of about 30-40 billion dong“, film critic Nguyen Phong Viet commented.

However, according to Mr. Nguyen Phong Viet, the disadvantage of the film comes from the fact that at the beginning of the year, many Vietnamese film projects of the horror genre have been released such as Ghost Story Near Home, Listener: Whispering Words .. . encountered the situation of “elephant head, mouse tail”. That makes the audience form doubts when watching Vietnamese horror movies.

About Western Girlfriend, the film critic said he did not appreciate. Through the movie’s trailer, Nguyen Phong Viet predicts that the film will be difficult to hit and create a buzz.

The story focuses on LGBT topics on the background related to bingo troupes, which will more or less remind the audience of the movie Loto with the same theme, which was released in 2017. The color of the film has a very traditional feel. The picture, as well as the story, are old and boring with today’s audience’s tastes”, he shared.

On the side of the publisher, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Hai, CGV’s Content Director, said that until April, the cinema could prosper. At that time, there were big Vietnamese movies released like Thanh Wolf, You And Trinh, Super Easy Job.

“Currently, Vietnamese film distributors launch movies with the intention of rebuilding the market, re-creating the audience’s habit of going to the cinema and not expecting to win revenue. Only if the audience has a habit of going to the theater. Watch the movie, then you can calculate it“, a CGV representative shared.

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