We do not tax the fact that there are 5-6 houses, but which houses do not live in, which are not profitable for society, must be taxed!

Overcoming land speculation through tax policy

Delegate Dong Ngoc Ba (Binh Dinh delegation) raised the question, from June 14, 2019, the National Assembly issued Resolution No. 82 assigning the Government to study and propose solutions to overcome land speculation through the government. Tax policy towards people who use a lot of land, lots of houses, and abandoned land is taxed high, but nearly 3 years ago we still have not had this policy.

Minister Tran Hong Ha answered, about the problem Delegate Dong Ngoc Ba raised, the first is to correct the Tax Law, the second is to correct the Land Law. The Land Law is expected to hold the 5th session of the National Assembly, or later if the National Assembly permits.

The Minister agreed with the content of this policy: “I don’t want to talk about real estate tax, I want to talk about land use tax. In this parliament, the property tax has been discussed but there is not enough basis to guarantee it. But in terms of land use tax, for projects that are slow to use land, when auctioning or bidding, they must provide a roadmap for use, consider it a mandatory regulation, if prolonged, they must be assessed to avoid ” hoarding”, avoiding speculation and profiteering. We will discuss how that tax increases. Along with the current rate of increase in land prices, that tax increase will be larger.”

“In the US, it’s very scary to have a house that you don’t live in, or a house that you don’t rent out. Even houses, even projects without investment, even agricultural land without use, we levy a tax on the use of the property. land use”- Minister said and emphasized: “We don’t tax the fact that there are 5-6 houses, but which houses are not inhabited, which houses are not profitable for society, for rent, for business and for commerce, must be beaten.”

The situation of “bubble”, tax evasion in land transactions

At the question-and-answer session on the afternoon of March 16, Delegate Nguyen Thi Xuan (Dak Lak delegation) asked: “Signs of a real estate “bubble” are shaking the market, the problem is Tax evasion in land transactions is happening. Please let the Minister know the reasons and solutions of the Ministry to overcome this situation. Real estate or not?”.

Regarding the issue of “price blowing”, the land speculation mentioned by the delegates, Minister Tran Hong Ha said, this is a phenomenon that is clearly real.

“Of course, with the Covid-19 conditions, people and businesses send their assets with land, and the land keeps going up in price like a galloping horse, obviously everyone thinks they will. But when they have invested all of their investments If the money and assets of the society are put into the land, it is not effective. That is very bad for the economy “- the Minister emphasized.

The minister pointed out a trick to inflate the price: “The land has not been used, but continues to participate in auctions to keep the land, to keep the land, to hoard it. The land has not been used for a long time because the price continues to rise”. Therefore, according to the Minister, the policy must be how to control investment projects that must be feasible, determine the project’s roadmap to put it into service for socio-economic development.

In addition, it is necessary to distinguish between market segments and demand for residential real estate as a basis to decide on investment in urban development and real estate. In addition, the issue of land use planning and urban planning is also very important, must be based on the calculation and forecast of the market on demand.

The Minister said that this issue can not be criminalized at present, if it is to criminalize, additional sanctions must be added to consider signs of taking advantage of profiteering to handle.

Delegate Nguyen Thi Xuan continued to argue: “The Minister also thinks that manipulating the market and blowing prices is not good for the economy, the Minister thinks that the policy has loopholes, but about the solution, I am very confused. when the Minister said that the market supply and demand decided”. Delegate Xuan spoke and mentioned the issue of depositing of Tan Hoang Minh company, arguing that the amount that investors put down was not worth it compared to the increase in land prices in the surrounding areas. Delegate Xuan still holds the view that this case should be criminalized.

Minister Tran Hong Ha replied that criminalization needs to be regulated by law, and agreed that it must be strictly handled.

Joining the delegates and ministers, National Assembly Chairwoman Vuong Dinh Hue said: “Criminalization is the turning of civil and administrative relations into criminal relations. As for the recent bid-for-money case. , the process of considering and handling, if there are civil violations, they will be handled according to the civil law, administrative violations will be handled administratively, and if the investigation and investigation finds that there are criminal violations, they will be handled. Criminal”.

As for tax evasion, Minister Tran Hong Ha stated that there are cases where the decision has been made to allocate land but the money to be collected is still owed, which can be considered as having not fulfilled financial responsibilities. There are also cases where, instead of allocating land for an industrial park project, the investor “stashed” there, didn’t do it, the land still increased in price and the land allocation process collected money. The delay in contributing to socio-economic development, infrastructure and trade is tax evasion.

The minister emphasized, the tax tool given must calculate an industrial, commercial, housing project… when bidding, the auction must determine the time to enjoy preferential policies and must be completed. When done, the land tax must increase gradually to supplement the tax source. Objects of land speculation, buy today, sell tomorrow, called “surfing”, speculating, the tax must be higher.

Thu Thiem case: If abnormal signs are detected and can be proved, then handle them

Also related to the Thu Thiem case, Minister Le Thanh Long said that the property auction in Vietnam is currently regulated by many laws, involving many agencies.

The Law on Auction stipulates the order and procedures. But related to which property is related to that specialized law. Regarding sanctions applied if violations on auction take the form of civil, administrative and criminal handling.

In the recent cases, regulations on intentional price increases and speculation may apply, so it is necessary to synchronize regulations on auctions.

In the case of land auction in Thu Thiem, if analyzed normally, it is according to the market mechanism. If any abnormality is detected, it should be handled.

“Through the recent cases, it is necessary to review the issue of auction order and procedures more closely; review the framework related to deposits, fees… related to land auctions”, the Minister said. speak.

The price of land is virtual, but mortgages and bank withdrawals are real, affecting monetary security

Delegate Nguyen Dai Thang (Hung Yen union) said that voters said that the land auction in many places has an underground handshake phenomenon to create waves. There are many cases where investors bid “heavenly” and then quietly put down their deposit, the winning result is unusually high, many times higher than the starting price. Typically, the recent land auction in Thu Thiem new urban area, Thu Duc City. There is a phenomenon that disturbs the market, pushes up land prices in neighboring areas, creates a phenomenon of “virtual land fever”, setting up a new land price level makes the process of site clearance for project implementation encounter many problems. difficulties, causing disorder and social security.

Therefore, Delegate Dai Thang proposed the Minister for solutions in the near future to overcome this situation.

Minister Tran Hong Ha replied: “The issue of land auction, in recent times has emerged, not only with “price blowing” but in fact “under price”, green army red army, is extremely important. Its effects are very serious, causing fluctuations in the real estate market, loss of state assets and creating new price levels, affecting the entire economic system. Further, the price inflation has many consequences, especially virtual prices, but mortgages and bank withdrawals are real, affecting currency security and many other problems.

From the perspective of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and related ministries, Minister Tran Hong Ha said that the ministries have had a thorough assessment and especially have studied the association’s comments and pointed out the causes. .

From a legal perspective, this issue is being governed by different laws: Law on Auction, Law on Land, related regulations on Finance, Tax… In which, due to many laws, The regulations are not specific, including the order and method, especially for the type of property where the value of different resources such as land cannot be compared with other types of property.

According to the Minister, there should be other and stricter regulations, methods and procedures for auctioning land assets. Currently, the Land Law only stipulates the conditions for enterprises participating in the auction, but has not specified specific conditions related to the capacity of enterprises, compliance with the law in general, or experience. practice… Or what is a normal auction and what is not normal, it should be regulated by law, in order for auction participants to be responsible, and have a legal basis. to adjust.

The Minister also said that it is necessary to have stronger sanctions against investors who do not participate, in order to be a sufficient deterrent.

As for the “green army, red army” issue, the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment affirmed that this is a real problem, it is necessary to study to choose the appropriate form, select a capable investor, increase strengthen discipline and responsibility for inspection.

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha answered questions on the afternoon of March 16

According to the program, Minister Tran Hong Ha will answer questions on the following contents:

Firstly, the implementation of the National Assembly’s resolution on thematic questioning and supervision related to planning, management and use of land in urban areas.

Secondly, responsibility and solutions to prevent the situation of taking advantage of bidding in land auctions with prices far exceeding the market value to push up land prices in neighboring areas for the purpose of profiteering. personal;

Thirdly, the performance of contracts of purchase, sale, transfer, promised purchase and sale of land in the past time and the settlement of complaints and denunciations related to this field;

Fourthly, the control of discharge activities of factories; industrial waste treatment. Problems of collection, transportation and treatment of daily-life solid waste; waste related to the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Fifth, the problem of wastewater pollution, domestic waste and investment solutions to build treatment plants in localities.

During the course of Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha answering questions, Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh and ministers of the Ministries: Finance, Planning and Investment, Health, Justice, Science and Technology, Construction, Public Security; The Government Inspector General participated in answering questions and explaining related issues.

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