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What are the tiny black dots on the windshield of a car?

The black dots on car windshields are called “frit bands”. This is ceramic glaze that is fired into the edges of the windshield during the car’s manufacturing process.

The first function of the “frit strip” is to provide a rougher surface to increase the adhesion area of ​​the adhesive layer, ensuring stability between the windshield and the chassis.

What are the tiny black dots on the windshield of a car?
The “frit strip” cannot be scraped or peeled off during use.

The second function of the “frit band” is to protect the adhesive layer from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. If there is no “frit strip”, the sun will damage the glue and as a result, the cracks in the glass edges will allow rain water to enter the car.

In addition, the “frit strip” also brings an aesthetic element to the car because it cleverly hides the glue that attaches the windshield and the car’s frame.

So what is the function of the little black dots on the “frit bands”?

The first function of the “frit” dots is to deceive the eye. The “frit” dots have a smaller size and get further apart the further away they are from the windshield edge, making it difficult for the driver to notice the transition between the black color of the frit strip and the glass, avoiding distractions when driving.

What are the tiny black dots on the windshield of a car?
The “frit band” runs along the edge of the windshield. Photo: LM.

The second function is to balance the temperature of the windshield. Due to the dark color, the “frit band” absorbs more heat than the windshield, and the “frit” network helps to distribute heat more evenly at the boundary between the “frit band” and the glass. This limits the external image distortion that makes it difficult for the observer.

In addition, these “frit dots” are also capable of reducing glare from sunlight. Therefore, many car manufacturers also arrange a “frit” dot matrix behind the rearview mirror to increase sunshade for the front seats.

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