What happened to Luffy in One Piece chapter 1043?

After One Piece chapter 1043 was officially released, it made many netizens stir. People wonder yes something happened to Luffy at the end of the chapter.

Let’s find out about this issue below!

1. Luffy becomes Joy Boy?

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One of the most popular theories is that Luffy’s body was “appropriated” by Joy Boy. You can understand this situation can be similar to when Urameshi Yusuke’s body was stolen by Raizen in Yu Yu Hakusho. Then Urameshi’s body undergoes a change and he gains strength.

And Luffy’s mysterious smile also seems to be a sign of transformation.

In One Piece chapter 1043, it was announced that Kaido was the winner of the battle between Luffy and Kaido.

But until now, announcing the results of the battle at Onigashima was usually done. For example, Law and Kid were announced to have won against Big Mom, and the Yonko female showed no sign of returning. Zoro is declared victorious over King, and King seems to have ended his role in Onigashima as well.

So, Luffy was announced to lose to Kaido and if he goes against Kaido again then it might not be Luffy anymore. It will be interesting if after that, the Joy Boy vs Kaido fight starts, after which there will be an announcement of Joy Boy winning.

2. Gomu Gomu Devil Fruit Awakened?

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In One Piece chapter 1037, Gorosei discusses a mysterious Devil Fruit. We then see Zunesha appear, as if indicating that Zunesha has a connection to the Devil Fruit they’re talking about.

In chapter 1043, Zunesha says it will take 800 years for it to hear the drums of freedom again. Next we see Luffy’s body undergoing changes.

So what happened?

In chapter 1037, one of the Gorosei says that the mysterious Devil Fruit has not awakened in centuries. In chapter 1043, Zunesha again says that she has heard the drum of freedom after 800 years, it seems that Joy Boy has returned.

From these details, many people are skeptical Gomu Gomu is Devil fruit Gorosei mentions (especially since it was previously covered by Who’s-Who). And now, there’s a possibility that Luffy’s Devil Fruit has been obtained Awake.

Besides, the Gomu Gomu Devil Fruit may have a certain connection with Joy Boy. And the drum of freedom that Zunesha heard means that Luffy’s Devil Fruit has Awakened.

3. Is there any other possibility?

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The two most discussed possibilities right now are Luffy becoming Joy Boy, or Gomu Gomu reaching Awakening. However, there is still another possibility that could happen maybe someone saved Luffy. Take Caribou for example, so we see a unique effect on Luffy’s head.

But if the person helping Luffy is Caribou, it’s a bit ridiculous, right?

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