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Which is the right way?

When it comes to happiness, do we often only think of love between couples, family, friends,… Not exactly, even in money matters, we also seek happiness. But that is especially difficult when it comes to the financial aspect. In today’s unpredictable life, financial issues become even more important.

To “recover” happiness, people often refer to the phrase “Safety, Independence and Financial freedom” as a slogan. Surely many people think that these are 3 different concepts. They are all words that indicate financial stability enough to live happily. However, according to experts, these are completely different concepts.

You are probably wondering why they are different. To distinguish these 3 concepts, it is a difficult problem especially for young people. Understanding this, Financial Freedom No. 12 is titled “Safety – Independence – Freedom”, listening to music predicts the program, this digital content will help young people decipher the 3 concepts mentioned above.

Do you have an appointment this weekend to decipher the concept of HAPPINESS in finance: Which is the right way?  - Photo 1.

Accompanying the 12th issue of the program is the familiar host Duong Ngoc Trinh and MC Quoc Duy. In particular, the program broadcast on this Friday night appeared a face who is running one of the oldest financial institutions in the Vietnamese market: Ms. Luong Thi My Hanh – Asset Management Director, Division domestic DCVFM.

With views “anyone can become a millionaire, it is important to plan, invest properly and persevere, and the best time to invest is TODAY”Ms. My Hanh will both reveal her 20-year personal investment journey and share her experience as a fund manager to help young people feel safe, independent and achieve financial freedom soon.

Not only revealing the truth about the principles to achieve financial happiness, watch Financial Freedom No. 12 to hear the sharing about home loan installment payments to soon stabilize, real estate rental and have passive income. Not as dry as opening a book “yawns and tears”, in an easy to understand and vivid way but without lack of professional aspects, experts will discuss and give their own opinions.

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