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Why are technology enterprises “hungry” for employees?

Sharing with VTC News, information technology expert, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Quang Ha said that it is forecasted that in 2022, Vietnam will lack about 150,000 human resources when the market demand increases to 530,000 people.

Why are technology enterprises

There is a serious shortage of human resources in the IT industry, creating great challenges for businesses. (Illustration)

“This shortfall stems from the gap between the programmer’s qualifications and the business requirements. Specifically, at present, only about 16,500 students (accounting for nearly 30%) out of the total 55,000 bachelor’s degrees in IT can meet the requirements set forth by businesses. Mr. Pham Quang Ha said.

Also explaining the reason for the serious shortage of human resources in the technology industry in recent years, experts economy Le Dang Doanh said that people who are good at technology themselves often do not have the mentality to work for businesses, but apply to work just to experience, then easily be attracted to other businesses or set up businesses. own business, pursue new startups.

“If you want to set up a small and medium-sized business, it also requires 10-20 employees, leading to the lack of technology businesses even more.” Mr. Doan said.

Meanwhile, many domestic enterprises as well as FDI enterprises have been investing in modern technology to improve business quality. Therefore, they urgently need high-quality human resources in information technology to work.

Even according to Dr. Le Truong Tung, Chairman of the Board of Directors of FPT University, in recent years, not only Vietnam has a shortage of IT personnel, but large enterprises around the world have also faced a similar situation. Therefore, recently, many businesses from Singapore, the US, Europe, especially Northern Europe, have participated in recruiting high-quality human resources in Vietnam to work remotely.

They pay employees sitting in Vietnam like direct workers. This brings opportunities for young people but challenges for businesses and schools and training institutions.“, said Mr. Tung.

Mr. Vu Duc Son, Director of Healthcare software projects (Viettel fiber optic cable), said that in addition to a part of graduates who do not work in the right major, the fierce competition also leads to Recruiting a high-quality IT staff from technology enterprises faces a lot of difficulties, sometimes even offering high salaries and not finding suitable people.

“Therefore, many companies have had to turn to fresh graduates, or lower qualified personnel to re-train to be able to start work.” Mr. Son said.

Luu Quoc Thien, a technology expert on cukcuk sales management software, Misa Company, said that basic information technology personnel are not limited by national borders and are not affected much by the ocean. COVID-19 pandemic, due to the increasing ability to work online in the industry.

“Especially, with the trend of digital transformation in businesses, the human resources needed to do digital transformation jobs are very large. Therefore, the shortage of human resources in the information technology industry is mainly due to the increasing demand of the market in the past 2 years, especially skilled personnel, high-quality personnel and senior personnel in the field of information technology. technology businesses”Mr. Thien emphasized.

Salary does not meet demand

According to technology experts, due to the shortage and rarity of IT personnel, there is always a need for high salaries, corresponding to their capacity and contributions.

According to the survey, positions such as Chief Technology Officer with more than 5 years of experience can receive a salary of 30-60 million VND, even the salary of newly graduated engineers in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) also starts. points at 1,000 – 2,000 USD/month.

“In particular, some positions have experience from 5 years such as software/solution architect; software engineer; Data engineers can get the highest salary of 120 million, 100 million and 80 million VND per month, respectively. a director of an AI technology enterprise in Ho Chi Minh City said.

However, not all businesses can meet that requirement, so recruiting personnel, especially good IT personnel, is even more difficult to do, in the context of always short supply.

Experts say that, even if the input has been improved, businesses still need to change their view of IT personnel, to have a more attractive regime, to attract and retain talented people. On the other hand, when the salary and bonus system is increasingly enhanced, creating new premises will certainly gradually stimulate the supply to increase over time.

IT personnel are picky about work

While students of other majors such as tourism, administration, etc. are facing many difficulties in finding a job due to the COVID-19 epidemic which has directly impacted tourism and hotel businesses, these students IT professionals are highly sought after in many places. This is what makes them picky when looking for a job, less psychologically attached to the business.

Ha Quy Dung, a final year student shared: “I majored in Logistics, but I’m very passionate about technology, so I researched and learned by myself. After feeling qualified in IAP and Blockchain, I applied myself to many different technology companies and got accepted, but now I have not decided where I will work.“, Dung said.

The reason is that Dung has not chosen a company with a really professional technology environment, so that he can improve his capacity and competitiveness.

Like Dung, despite working in a domestic company, many young people still intend to apply to foreign companies in Vietnam, even cross-border foreign businesses with more development potential. .

Working as an SEO (search engine optimization) employee at a technology company in Yen Hoa (Cau Giay, Hanoi) after 3 years, Mr. Nguyen Tuan Huy decided to walk on his own by resigning. and start “Start-up” from February 2021.

While working, I spent half of my income to learn in-depth expertise in my field. Currently, I am a partner of Amazon and a few other transnational e-commerce platforms that offer a form of making money through Affiliate (affiliate marketing).“, Huy said.

The start-up of this 32-year-old boy to date can be said to be successful when it brings him an income of about 5,000 USD/month (about 100 million VND), a desirable number of many majoring students. IT.

Engineer Nguyen Ngoc Quy, Head of Software Development Department of Hop Nhat Company, shared that most of the recent IT graduates are interested in salary, working environment and remuneration. They are not afraid to compare companies with the desire to find the best job for themselves. Therefore, although he has been recruiting technology staff for 2 years now, continuously interviewing, but Mr. Quy’s company has not yet completed IT personnel.

And Mr. Hoang Tuan Dung, head of the Software Technology Department at a joint venture company in Hanoi, said that even if you can recruit employees, it is unlikely that you will be able to keep these employees for a long time.

When they have reached the “mature” in their profession, usually after 3-5 years of working, IT workers often have their own entrepreneurial ideas to prove themselves. This makes the labor resource in this field even more scarce“, said Mr. Dung.

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