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12 children but no one beside her, the 86-year-old woman spreads a tarp to sell vegetables to make a living

Those who pass through the intersection of Mai Chi Tho – Luong Dinh Cua (District 2, Ho Chi Minh City) must be no stranger to the image of an old woman with a hunched back, silver hair, wearing a conical hat, waiting for each person to ask to buy vegetables. .

It is known that Lien is 82 years old this year (originally from Ba Ria – Vung Tau) selling vegetables here for a few years. At that age, when everyone was reunited and gathered with his children and grandchildren, he still floundered around carrying vegetables amid the hardships of making a living.

Recently, her story has been spread more widely on social networks thanks to the slow image of Phuong Nguyen’s video back.

As a person who often comes into contact with difficult people in the magnificent land of Saigon, Phuong is familiar with this scene. But when she witnessed and talked to know more about Lien’s situation, she couldn’t help but cry.

The old woman gathered an umbrella to sell vegetables regardless of rain or shine. Source: Phuong Nguyen

Mrs. Lien lost her husband more than a decade ago, because she did not want to disturb her children and grandchildren, she chose the roadside as a place to make a living. He returns to his hometown once a year to pay homage to his grandparents and parents.

Phuong said: “She has 12 children (8 girls, 4 boys) but currently lives alone in a loving house with no one to take care of. Every day, she sells vegetables at this intersection regardless of whether it’s sunny, and when she sells out of vegetable stalls, she still collects bottles. But her vegetables are very fresh because she is very careful to cherish. When it is sunny, she uses a canvas and a cloth to cover it carefully.

She suffered from joint pain, but she never took a day off from selling, perhaps because of the burden of making a living. Seeing my grandmother’s smile and optimism makes me love her even more“.

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Even though he is 81 years old, his back is already hunched, Mr. Lien is still wandering around carrying vegetables. Image cut from clip.

The story of the old woman selling vegetables on Luong Dinh Cua Street, after being spread, made each of us choke to think of the two words of friendship. Those who still have a mother, please don’t let her be sad!

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