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2 girls are as pretty as angels, I’m startled by the “age-hacking” beauty of the mother

As a mother, everyone wants their children to be healthy, beautiful and obedient. More fortunately, Ms. Nguyen Thanh (born in 1985, living in Hanoi) has 2 extremely lovely girls, possessing an angelic appearance that everyone admires. The two girls are Phuong Linh (9 years old) and Truc Linh (3 years old) and both have the nickname Nhim. Thanh shared that because both husband and wife liked the name Linh and the nickname Nhim and couldn’t find a better name, they decided to give it to both sisters.

Unlike many mothers who believe that “giving birth at once, raising one body”, Ms. Thanh and her husband have carefully considered the time of giving birth to the second child. Because of the plan, the couple is also more active in taking care of the baby. babies. Acknowledging herself as a workaholic, the young mother decided that when her first baby could work on her own, she would give birth to more children, so the journey of raising children was also much more leisurely.

Do not hug, cover your child too much

Mother 8x said that she was commented by friends that raising her child was somewhat “violent”: “My two children have a good appetite and sleep habits. Children are inevitably sick, but I often think that a mother is the best first doctor for her child, so I have learned from my oldest friend. I take very good care of my baby. For example, if my child coughs or is sick, I almost do not abstain from anything, the more varied the child’s diet, the faster he will get better, so when you grow up, you almost don’t have to use antibiotics. more experienced, so I “released” the child more freely, freedom here means not hugging and covering the child too much, letting the child play and move freely.

Both Phuong Linh and Truc Linh are considered to have lovely and beautiful appearance but no less personality. Ms. Thanh shared that both children have 10 flowers like their parents, so they are very skillful. “Everybody says that the children look like their father, but the mother sees them as the mother. When the children are praised for being beautiful, every parent is happy, but I always teach the children to be neat and clean, then people will praise them to fall in love. “the mother of 2 children confided.

Truc Linh, her personality, witty and extremely lovely sister.

In addition to the bad times, the two sisters love each other very much.

Although they are sisters, Phuong Linh and Truc Linh have two completely different personalities. While the younger sister is quite gentle, the younger sister is more agile and clever: “The big sister also knows how to help her mother a lot, sometimes she is “lazy” to create conditions for her older friend to do more housework, when she is away, she can also look after her younger brother, feed her and sleep. Baby friends show quite a lot of advantages, such as good memory, early speech, and many meaningful complete sentences that the mother must be surprised, knowing how to eat, sleep and maintain personal hygiene, so she is not much intervention”.

Like many other families, the two sisters also had conflicts and conflicts at times, but Thanh’s resolution also received the consent of the diaper mothers. “The younger sister is quite terrible, so she often bullies her sister, so the fight can’t be avoided, at that time the mother has to reconcile the two sisters, usually if it’s a small matter, I just let the two sisters solve it themselves, Even more “tense” I first separate the two of you and ask the reason first.

Sister Phuong Linh is very charismatic and personality, she is also quite famous when performing and taking photos for many brands.

I always tell my little sister that “everything I do and I say my sister will imitate me, if I always say “no” to her then of course she will learn that from her, if she yells at her, she will too. yelling back at me And when my sister is wrong, I also gently tell her that I am wrong, I apologize to her. I’m obedient, so crying or scolding will never work. But having a younger sister who is very good at expressing her feelings in both actions and words, so she can’t stay angry for long.”Ms. Thanh added.

Everyone wondered if there were 2 such beautiful babies, Thanh and her husband must have directed the child to art, but the mother of 2 children affirmed: “It’s simply orientation, not forcing, the decision is still up to the child, any parent doesn’t want the best for their child, especially a daughter, parents are not only worried about work, but also when their children have children. family. I hope he succeeds in his career, but he’s not too hard.”

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Truc Linh girl took a photo with Miss Ngoc Han and singer Gia Khiem.

Over 30 years old and still young, that’s the result of you loving yourself

Two such beautiful daughters, but looking at the “age hack” beauty of the mother of two, everyone is even more surprised. Although she is almost 40, but Thanh has the same beauty and body as when she was young, no one would guess that she has 2 such big children. The secret of 8x mothers is to take care and love themselves.

“I’m very easy to gain weight, so I always have to pay attention when I eat and drink, one thing I find myself is that I work very hard, I don’t always have time to go to the gym. I do exercises at home for each body area, sometimes I’m too lazy but I still have to try because I’m afraid of gaining weight, sometimes the children sleep and then I try to practice a little, after practicing, I love myself. because I overcame the “lazy ghost”.

If not, no one would think that this mother of two children is nearly 40 years old.

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The beauty of hacking the peak age of a mother of 2 children.

Exercise and skin care are two things that women should do at the same time and have to be persistent, I’ve been self-aware of this since I was a student, not just now I realized, if you’re 18 years old, you’re beautiful. it’s because of your youth, but over 30 you’re still young, it’s the result of you loving yourself. Skincare here doesn’t mean you have to go to the spa regularly. No. I don’t go to a spa, simply because I don’t have enough time for that, taking care of my skin has been a habit since I was a girl.

I am fortunate to have a husband who loves his wife and children, but I still think that I must love myself more than my husband loves me. You don’t believe men who say “you are my wife, then make it beautiful for others to see”, or “my wife is ugly and beautiful, I love it anyway”, because even when I see a beautiful girl, I love myself. I also like being a man, that’s why I always want to be beautiful in front of my husband.”Ms. Thanh revealed the secret. official

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