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4 kinds of vegetables listed as “fat gain”, the more you eat, the fatter, the first 2 types that Vietnamese people like

1. Potato

4 types of vegetables listed as

Potatoes are a popular food. Potatoes are easy to buy, cheap and can be processed into a variety of delicious dishes, so many people like to eat them. If using potatoes as a main meal, the calories in themselves are completely acceptable, but if they are processed into vegetables, when eaten they will lead to overeating calories.

Potatoes provide starchy carbohydrates, the carbohydrate content of 100g of potatoes is 16.5g. As we know carbohydrates help store fat that cannot be burned in the body as excess fat. Therefore, if you don’t want to gain weight, you should limit your intake of potatoes, especially foods like French fries, which are actually more unhealthy for your weight, which can increase your risk of unhealthy blood fats. .

2. Pumpkin

4 types of vegetables listed as

Pumpkin is a very popular food that can be fried, cooked in porridge or made into pumpkin pie. Although pumpkin is a food that is rich in fiber that can improve digestion, but pumpkin has a high sugar content, if eaten in large quantities can increase sugar levels in the body. If the body can’t get rid of it, it will easily lead to a buildup of sugar, which is then easily converted into fat, which is very unfavorable for those who want to lose weight. At the same time, these foods are also not suitable for people with high blood lipids, making the blood sticky and causing blockage of blood vessels.

3. Pickled vegetables

4 types of vegetables listed as

Many people like to eat pickled vegetables like pickles, kimchi, etc. Pickles contain a lot of salt, which after being absorbed by the human body, will cause disturbances in fat metabolism and increase the burden on the heart and brain.

In addition, after soaking this vegetable in salt water, it is easy to produce nitrite, which greatly affects blood pressure. If blood pressure is high, the blood vessel walls will be affected, causing damage to the endothelium, narrowing the lumen for a long time will accelerate thrombus formation, increase blood lipids and accelerate the occlusion process.

4. Peas

4 types of vegetables listed as

Chickpeas are a vegetable high in fiber and protein – needed to fill and regulate food in the body. Interestingly, chickpeas are also rich in carbohydrates, which are a major source of weight gain.

If you are looking to gain weight, consult a professional to find out how much of this vegetable you need to eat so as not to gain excess weight. If you want to lose weight, you have to limit your intake. Whether you want to gain or lose weight, you need to pay attention to a balanced and healthy diet.

Watch how to prepare healthy vegetables to increase nutrition

Steaming is better than boiling

Boiling will cause water-soluble vitamins such as vitamin C, B1, folate in vegetables and fruits to dissolve into the water. Therefore, steaming is the best way to preserve these nutrients because the vegetables are not exposed to boiling water.

Don’t fry vegetables with a lot of fat

When frying, fats (oils, fats) are easily absorbed into the food. Therefore, you need to reduce the amount of oil and fat when sautéing to avoid adding too much unhealthy fat to the vegetables.


Some vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, eggplant… can be mixed with a little olive oil and then roasted to bring out their amazing taste and retain their antioxidant properties. Note, only briefly grill the vegetables until they are cooked through, do not let the food burn while grilling.

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