Buy a house of 4 billion in Saigon, hot mom overseas Vietnamese still stay at home to rent 30 million/month

Julia Doan (real name Julia Linh Doan) is known as a fashionista, lifestyle blogger with two Vietnamese – German bloodlines and currently owns her own fashion brand Floral Punk. The image of 9X is associated with a wide-brimmed black fedora hat, sharp eyeliner eyes and a monochrome outfit with impressive accessories.

Currently, Julia Doan is living in Saigon with her husband and two young daughters. The couple chooses to live in a 118 m2 apartment with 3 bedrooms. This apartment has a living room with double glass view overlooking the park and swimming pool of the apartment. Apartment rent at the beginning of 2021 is about 30 million VND/month.

However, a few years ago, Julia Doan chose to buy a new apartment on the project for about 4 billion VND. In 2021, basically, the apartment has been completed and can be moved in.

In the end, the 9X couple still decided to rent a house to live because they liked the space in this apartment with a simple explanation: “People often shy away from renting because they have a new job, but I think there’s no problem in renting as long as the space makes me comfortable.”

She further shared: “The economic problem is that I can sell the other house and add more money to buy the house I’m living in. But I don’t think it’s worth the huge amount of money to spend. Meanwhile, I can live and rent already. rent out my house. Everything is fine, but I’m not burdened with money.”

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In fact, renting or buying a house is the biggest question of young couples. Like Vu Minh Tra and his wife (35 years old, living in Hanoi), even though they own 2 billion VND, which is enough to buy a house, they still decide to rent a house. It is known that the cost that you have to spend is about 300 million VND/year to rent a luxury apartment, the rent for 1 month is 25 million VND for an apartment with 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 living room and 2 WCs. .

“My family’s problem is to buy or rent an apartment when there is about 2 billion VND and you have a stable and increasing monthly cash flow. And the answer that my husband and I chose is to rent a house.

If you are young, you still have a lot of opportunities for development, rent a house to optimize your time and experience as much as possible. Time goes by and can’t be regained, life is changing so fast, just live with short-term goals for 1 year and make it realistic.Minh Tra shared.

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