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College admissions 2022: Many beneficial adjustments, avoiding “high scores do not pass”

Hoai Thuong, Dinh Hai, Thanh HaiFriday, March 18, 2022 11:57 GMT+7

Admission season What new changes will this year’s universities and colleges make so that candidates can increase their chances of being admitted as well as overcome limitations in 2021?

Many adjustments are beneficial for candidates in the 2022 enrollment season

Until the next appointment, the information about admission to universities and colleges in 2022 always attracts the special attention of soldiers.

University admissions 2022: Many beneficial adjustments, avoiding high scores and failing to pass - Photo 1.

This year, on the registration system Admissionthe Department will update the data, contact the database, industry data and national data on population to ensure that your data is accurate, and at the same time create maximum convenience for candidates and schools when enrolling.

According to teachers and students, these are also quite positive adjustments for candidates participating in the entrance exam this year.

This year, candidates registered university entrance examination only 1 times. After having their test scores, they will have 3-4 weeks to consider before filling out the choice form.

The registration for the exam and admission will also be done completely online, on the Portal of the Ministry of Education and Training. The general software will filter virtual with all methods, so that each successful candidate has the highest aspirations.

As for universities, candidates need to pay attention to register and submit an admission application to the training institution if required.

Overcoming unfairness in the admissions season

In 2022, there are up to 20 different admission methods for students to choose from. It is this diversity that makes it difficult for children to grasp information.

Schools need to stabilize the enrollment method being used, if they want to reduce the quota or quit, they need to have a roadmap to reduce, avoid disturbing the students’ study and practice, and overcome the shortage. equity in enrollment. This information has been announced by the representative of the Ministry of Education and Training.

According to a representative of the Higher Education Department, currently the methods of admission to universities are very diverse, but mainly focus on methods such as reviewing high school graduation exam results, academic records, direct admission… However, the allocation of quotas is not reasonable, there is a sharp increase and decrease over the years, making candidates unable to prepare in time for that enrollment season.

Many schools enroll students not in accordance with the announced targets, resulting in a lack of fairness for candidates. For example, the matriculation score according to the previous year’s high school results was unusually high, and some candidates with 30 points did not pass the chosen field of study.

Or schools that apply many different enrollment methods but do not have measures to ensure fairness among candidates, call candidates for early admission without updating data on the common system, leading to a large number of candidates. large virtual students, and at the same time have not created conditions for candidates to choose the field of study according to their aspirations and abilities.

University admissions 2022: Many beneficial adjustments, avoiding high scores and failing to pass - Photo 2.

Candidates before the exam time at the test site of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (Thu Duc city campus) in 2021. Photo: Thu Hoai – VNA

More than 80 universities in Ho Chi Minh City enroll students through aptitude test

With only 2 weeks left, grade 12 students will take the exam to assess the ability of Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City. Having entered the 5th year of organization, more and more universities choose to recruit candidates through the results of this exam. Along with that, more and more candidates registered to participate. This year, due to the complicated epidemic, the organization of the exam has many new points.

100% of 12th grade students of Nguyen Du High School in Ho Chi Minh City have registered for the university entrance exam through a competency assessment. In Ho Chi Minh City, the percentage of high school students registering for this exam is very high. They said, there will be more opportunities to enter the gate of the desired university.

However, many parents and students still do not understand this exam well, so they hesitate to participate. Many parents still encourage their children to choose to review school records.

In 2021, the second round of the competency assessment exam was forced to cancel due to a complicated epidemic. This year, the organizers decided to organize early both exams (in March and May), both of which take place before the national high school graduation exam. This will help candidates decide early, reducing stress during the national high school exam in July.

It is estimated that this year, about 150,000 candidates will register to take part in the competency assessment exam held in 17 provinces and cities. Currently, there are 7 universities under the Ho Chi Minh City National University system choosing to enroll in this form with a very high enrollment rate. In addition, more than 80 universities use this exam results.

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