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COVID-19 March 18: China has a serious outbreak, with citizens testing for 25 days in a row

Long An and Ca Mau provinces were the first two provinces to respond to the Ministry of Health’s proposal to allow F0 (symptomatic) cases, F1 who are in isolation working to perform important tasks, and the urgency of agencies, units and companies (DN).

Even though it is allowed, many places are still afraid

However, according to our records at businesses and agencies in Long An province, there are still many concerns about F0’s success.

For example, in Hoa Binh Industrial Park, Nhi Thanh commune, Thu Thua district, there are nearly 15,000 workers who will work, with 22 businesses operating, said Dang Trung Tin – Director of industrial park administration. , in this industrial area, there are no companies that have F0, F1 that work according to provincial documents.

COVID-19 March 18: China experiences serious outbreak, with citizens testing for 25 days in a row - 3

Companies in Hoa Binh Industrial Park, Thu Thua District, Long An do not yet have F0, F1 go to work even though the province has allowed asymptomatic F0 and F1 to come to the company. Photo: HUYNH DU

106,000 is the number of people infected with COVID-19 in Ca Mau province so far. This number accounts for almost 10% of the province’s population.

Information from the People’s Committee of Ca Mau province, for the past 10 days, the number of F0 in Ca Mau province has always been high, with more than 4,000 cases per day.

Mr Vo Thanh Tam, a business in Ben Luc district, said his company tested weekly workers and self-test workers at home, anyone F0 would stay at home to self-isolate, then go to work.

Especially in state institutions, it is no different from companies. An official from the Thu Thua District Culture, Information and Radio Center, currently F0, said that when he tested up to two lanes, he stayed at home, asked the leader for permission to work online, when negative, he would return to normal work.

In accordance with Long An Province regulations regarding this matter, F0 and F1 who need work still prioritize online work arrangements.

If you can’t work online but have to go to work in person, F0 is asymptomatic, is in isolation (seven days from the date of a positive test and has not yet had a negative test result) working in an office When the State comes to agencies and units to carry out important and urgent tasks, must be voluntary and must obtain approval from the head or direct supervisor.

Ca Mau: Agree to let Fo go to work

On March 17, the Chair of the Ca Mau Provincial People’s Committee issued an official decree for F0 to work in Ca Mau province. This regulation shall come into force immediately after its promulgation.

In this regard, the Chair of the Ca Mau Provincial People’s Committee changed the regulations regarding the isolation of F0, F1, F2 in Decree 2777/QD-UBND dated 8 December 2021. This content has now been specifically revised: “For asymptomatic F0 cases, mild symptoms and risky F1 , high risk are officials, civil servants, civil servants, workers in Party agencies, State, mass organizations, public non-business units and production and business enterprises, enterprises, factories, enterprises, enterprises … temporarily allowed to participate in a number of activities.

Including being employed in person or online. Earlier, on March 14, at a meeting with provincial departments and branches, Mr. Nguyen Tien Hai, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chair of the Steering Committee for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in Ca Mau Province, concluded that F0 will not be allowed symptoms, mild symptoms and F1 will work.

This is the second province in the country to distribute firecrackers for F0 to go to work in the context of the Ministry of Health’s view that F0 should not leave the isolation area.

In particular, in early March 2022, the Ministry of Health proposed that F0 start working. However, on March 14, the Ministry of Health issued Decree 604/QD-BYT on guidelines for managing homes for people with COVID-19.

In the decision above, it is written, “People with COVID-19 should minimize leaving the isolation room but not leaving the house. When leaving the isolation room, it is mandatory to wear a mask and keep a distance from other people in the house.

Ho Chi Minh City Law News reporter questioned whether F0’s policy of working against the Ministry of Health regulations? However, a provincial leader of Ca Mau said pending the publication of guidelines while sending F0 to work would be discussed in more detail.


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