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Don’t be afraid to wear revealing clothes for the role of minors

Street in the Village has been over for a while, but the echo of the film is still there and leaves a lot of simple emotions in the hearts of fans.

Referring to the character that left the most impression, of course Nurse Ngoc, played by Pham Ngoc Anh. Closing the film, she received a shower of praise for her acting and beautiful appearance. Not only that, the gout fashion that he brought into the film also became an interesting spotlight. Recently, the beautiful actress from the North released a series of very sweet photos to captivate the hearts of fans.

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Still with the same clear photo color as the wandering concept, but Ngoc Anh is sexy and beautiful in a white two-stringed dress.

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Having a face with natural and pure Asian lines and fair skin, she goes well with this neutral outfit.

Sharing more about his plans to return to screens in the future, he said that he has just recovered from his COVID-19 treatment at home for a while and is ready to return. “Having just gone through a very difficult and prolonged epidemic, I had to refuse and postpone many activities after the film Street in the Village ended. Now I am ready for my next project.” – said the actress.

Having pure beauty without cutlery and acting skills have helped Ngoc Anh attract the attention of the talkative director, take on the role with a gentle personality, and create a gentle and sincere image.

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It is no exaggeration to say that Pham Ngoc Anh is the most beautiful nurse on screen. Wearing a white blouse or wearing casual streetstyle clothes also creates irresistible charm.

Ngoc Anh covered her screen mode as Pho Trong Village airs with basics like t-shirts and skinny jeans which are both flattering and perfect for a village scene. The office style combo she wore was back in vogue.

Far from being discreet and modest in the film, Ngoc Anh in real life is young and loves to wear sexy dresses, cleverly showing off her feminine curves and 3 ideal rings: 83 – 60 – 92 (cm). Also, the “general nurse” isn’t afraid to show off her figure in bold outfits like revealing bodysuits, or promote hot fashion trends like underboob fashion, …

Nurse Ngoc (Road in the Village): Not afraid to wear revealing clothes for the role of amp;#34;small handsome;#34;  - first

Real-life pictures of bikinis or lacy underwear are also the subject of as much commotion as gout fashion screens.

In this gentle series of photos, the beauty still cleverly flaunts her sexy look. He also often shares sexy photos that show off his body. “One of them is for shooting an underwear commercial, the other one is going to the beach, then I’m sexy in a bikini and a bodysuit. And I don’t take sexy pictures as a gimmick to appeal to myself. The story of showing off a healthy and beautiful body in the gym is what I want to share with many women about exercising to stay healthy, especially when we really need to improve our health to fight disease.” said Ngoc Anh.

Nurse Ngoc from Pho Trong Village is a role that has received a lot of praise, but there are not many rumors about gout in an open chest outfit. This is Ngoc Anh’s first lead role, there is an opinion that it is a trick to make you famous, what do you think about this?

Talking about the buzzing rumors about the scene with naked breasts peeking out on the street in the village, saying that she invented tricks to become famous, Ngoc Anh always retorted. He corrects that, costumes are always shaped by the crew and in the second half of the film, Ngoc changes his style completely.

Nurse Ngoc (Road in the Village): Not afraid to wear revealing clothes for the role of amp;#34;small handsome;#34;  - 3

When asked about the assumption, the future was invited to act for the role of the third person – “tieu tam”, Pham Ngoc Anh happily accepted because he appreciated each role. Acting is her favorite job, the career path she chose.

If the invitation comes true, the 9X actress revealed that she might be able to make some “dramatic” changes. However, she still prefers herself to appear on screen with simplicity, purity and gentleness. With the substance of “small tam”, maybe she will choose a wardrobe that is liberal and sexy but still maintains her femininity and softness.

With her fiery curves and stylish street style like this, if she were to return to the screen, she would definitely be in for a shock!

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