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Galax RTX 3060 EX White review: Beautiful and cool

It cannot be denied that at the present time, the price of graphics cards is still a barrier that gamers need to overcome to access a new PC Gaming set. However, with Elden Ring, Dying Light 2 or the recently released blockbuster games, gamers can hardly refuse to buy PC Gaming to be able to smoothly fight super games. attractive above. The RTX 3060 is still one of the most valuable and easy-to-access graphics cards for gamers.

Galax RTX 3060 EX White review: Beautiful and cool - Photo 1.

Talking about RTX 3060 without mentioning Galax’s RTX 3060 EX White graphics cards is indeed an omission. This is one of the rare graphics card manufacturers that have white so that gamers can create a personalized tone sur tone setup.

In addition to the striking white color of the RTX 3060 EX White, the overall design of this card is quite impressive with the cutouts creating a sturdy, cool look for the product. Two white tones are mixed in the motifs to help the front mask stand out clearly.

Galax RTX 3060 EX White review: Beautiful and cool - Photo 2.

The back of the RTX 3060 EX White is a white backplate with impressive black diagonal stripes. This backplate covers not only the circuitry of the graphics card, but also covers a part of the side, covering most of the heatsink inside. You will never be injured when installing the machine, or the thin aluminum panels do not deform when subjected to external forces.

Galax RTX 3060 EX White review: Beautiful and cool - Photo 3.

As a graphics card with a 2-fan design, the wheelbase of the RTX 3060 EX White is quite large and close to 3-fan graphics cards. That’s because Galax uses a cooling system with 2 fans with a large diameter of up to 102mm and a stretched copper tube heatsink to optimize the heat dissipation of the system.

The RTX 3060 EX White is equipped with an 8-pin auxiliary power port with a solid metal frame. A rare thing in many graphics card models on the market today. I myself am not sure if it is really necessary, but being equipped with a metal frame for the power head seems to give us more peace of mind about the rigidity of the product.

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The RGB LED system located in the Galax logo located on the side of the graphics card along with the body of the fan creates a little highlight for the card to stand out in the case. At first we thought they didn’t have any LEDs because the RGB system wasn’t turned on by default. So you need to download Galax’s Xtreme Tuner Plus software to be able to customize colors, led effects as well as experience other overclocking features.

Back to the most important part is the performance of the graphics card. Let’s go through a little bit about the parameters that this graphics card shows.

Test configuration:

CPU: Ryzen 7 5700G

Main: Asus TUF Gaming X570 Plus

RAM: Corsair DDR4 16GB 3200MHz

Galax RTX 3060 EX White review: Beautiful and cool - Photo 5.

With the popular benchmarking software for graphics cards, 3DMark, we can somewhat imagine the power of the Galax RTX 3060 EX White with other graphics card models or with other segments.

Galax RTX 3060 EX White review: Beautiful and cool - Photo 6.

In the TimeSpy test using DX12, the graphics score of the RTX 3060 EX is 8463. This score shows that this graphics card can play AAA games at the present time with settings from Medium to High at 2K resolution smoothly over 60fps. Similar to the FireStrike RTX 3060 EX test, it also achieved 18490 points.

Not every hot game also requires a very high graphics card system. For example, SIFU, an action game with simple graphics, but interesting gameplay and storyline. Sometimes the RTX 3060 does not operate at 100% capacity with a maximum power consumption of only about 170W or less. The temperature of the card is also not too high, usually below 70 degrees Celsius, the FPS is all over 110fps at 2K resolution and Ultra setting.

Galax RTX 3060 EX White review: Beautiful and cool - Photo 7.

With the heavier game Horizon Zero Dawn, the RTX 3060 EX can “burden” at 2K resolution with the highest setting and still play smoothly at 70-80fps. With a highly detailed game like Horizon, we can completely confidently play other AAA games smoothly.

At the present time, when the graphics cards using the same GPU have not too different performance, the redesign is the reason for gamers to choose. The RTX 3060 EX White is an impressive graphics card in appearance, and that is the bright spot for it to deserve to be in the impressive PC Gaming sets of 2022.

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