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Graduated with 10 Chemistry, still a good student when going to university

MC Minh Anh

Can’t remember since when, community Esports There are stereotypes, that Free Fire players are “young and old”, not learning anything. With the desire to change the opinion of netizens, MC Minh Anh in a TikTok trend boldly “showed off” his achievements in school as well as his current job to “smash” negative thoughts. that.

Specifically, this girl used to hold the role of class president and secretary of the High School Union; high school achieves excellent academic performance; passed the Academy of Journalism and Communication with a score of 22.4; Top 6 Golden Swallows 2019 – national MC contest; Miss Journalism Contest of Talented Schoolgirls Journalism; become MC of Esports tournaments…

Stunned with the
Stunned with MC Esports'
Stunned with MC Esports'

The remarkable achievements of female MCs.

In addition to the above positive achievements, with a beautiful appearance and always “fiery” every time he appears, MC Minh Anh always receives “winged” comments from the online community.

MC Linh Sunny

Although she is a rookie of the Vietnamese Esports MC team, Linh Nang also owns a community of her fans because of her beautiful appearance, charming path, and sunny smile. Not only that, even while sitting in school, Linh Nang was known for her multi-talented, dynamic image and was a familiar face in many beauty contests.

Recently, showing off her academic achievements, the female MC made fans admire her impressive achievements. Accordingly, she achieved the achievement of Good Student in the academic year 2020-2021, majoring in Advertising at the Academy of Journalism and Propaganda.

Stunned with MC Esports'

Linh does not hide her joy and pride with the small success: “Today, when I went to get a certificate of merit, I remembered that I was still a student. Work all day, but always have to balance study. Feeling happy because I still maintain the goal of being a good student like when I was a kid.”

MC Mai Dora

Remember in the National High School Graduation Exam (High School) 2021 last year, to join the exciting and urgent atmosphere of the 2003 athletes, the beautiful female MC of the Vietnamese LoL village – Mai Dora, also Best wishes to the candidates taking the exam. And at the same time, she also took advantage of “showing off” her proud academic achievements when she went to school.

Looking at the photo with Mai Dora’s degrees and certificates, even her hardcore fans can’t help but be surprised by her collection of achievements. It can be seen that, not only possessing an attractive appearance, but Mai Dora is also a pretty “elite” gamer model in learning.

Stunned with MC Esports'

The female MC has been awarded the title of excellent student for 12 consecutive years, achieving 52.5 points (not counting the plus points) in the 2013 National High School Graduation Exam, which is quite a high score compared to the common ground. . The female MC of VCS also matriculated at two prestigious universities at the same time, namely Banking University and Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities. However, all those achievements were inadvertently “overshadowed” by another highlight, which was the score of 10 in Chemistry in the High School Graduation exam.

Sharing about her time at school, Mai Dora said that because she studied in the natural department, for her, Chemistry was not something too “scary” as many people think. However, she also admitted that she and her friends were still surprised with the perfect 10 score in Chemistry in the old high school graduation exam. The female MC joked that this achievement was possible because “I was crazy back then”.

Stunned with the

In addition to her remarkable academic achievements, Mai Dora also made a mark with her participation in many talent contests and extracurricular activities. Perhaps that’s why she has a dynamic and lively demeanor, from which to fall in love with MC work.

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