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Hanging on to her ex-husband’s car, the woman fell on the street and died

On March 18, the police of Song Cau town (Phu Yen province) said that the authorities had examined the scene and performed an autopsy to investigate and clarify the cause of the unusual death of Ms. (SN: 1994, residing in Long Hai Bac neighborhood, Xuan Yen ward, Song Cau town).

Hanging on to her ex-husband's car, the woman fell into the street and died - Photo 1.

The car involved in the incident.

According to the initial investigation, Ms. H. and her ex-husband, Mr. Phan Van B. (SN: 1980, residing in Long Hai Bac neighborhood) divorced in 2021 but they still see each other often.

At about 10:20 on March 17, Ms. H. went to her ex-husband’s house when there was a conflict between the two sides. After the argument, Mr. B. was driving a pickup truck with BKS: 78C-104.01 running on Hoang Hoa Tham Street (Xuan Yen ward), when Ms. H. ran after her and used the handle of the rear door on the left side of the car.

Mr. B. was driving the car slowly for more than 40m when he tripped over a pothole, causing Mrs. Ha to fall to the ground and lose consciousness.

Although she was taken to the emergency room in time, but because her injuries were too severe, Ms. H. died later.

After the incident, a Facebook account holder “Nguyen Hanh” posted two articles with the content: “Just looking at this is enough to break every part of my intestines…”, “My life is full of hardships and sufferings”.

The article accompanying the clip attributed Mr. B. for strangling his ex-wife by his hand at the victim’s home in Phuoc Ly neighborhood (Xuan Yen ward, Song Cau town) causing the online community to misunderstand and comment here. is a murder.

Through verification, the police worked with Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Hanh (SN: 1996, residing in Dan Phuoc neighborhood, Xuan Thanh ward, sister H.) who is the owner of the Facebook account “Nguyen Hanh” – who posted it. Download the clip above, and extract the camera at Ms. H’s home.

Ms. Hanh admitted that the clip on Facebook “Nguyen Hanh” was taken by herself from Ms. H’s home camera, but had cropped a clip before posting it on social networks with the article, causing misunderstandings for the online community. Immediately after working with the police, this woman removed the article and clip that had been posted falsely, causing a stir in public opinion.

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