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“Holy” shows off newcomers

Swinging idols is a common thing, but swinging to the point of spending billions to have a “cheap moment” with idols is definitely rare. So recently, the “top” players have had the opportunity to “open their eyes” with BH’s idol swings – die hard fan of Doan Di Bang.

Specifically, BH bought a lot of exactly the same items as the giant female in District 7, from combo Samsung ZFlip 3, 1 billion diamond ring, Porsche car and the latest, Mother G63. This is also the reason why she has to face many mixed opinions, even jokes from netizens.

The god of emerging wealth - swinging idol Doan Di Bang closely to respond when being teased by antifans?  - Photo 1.

BH meets Doan Di Bang and his wife

Before this incident, BH did not dodge but directly responded. Recently, responding to netizens’ comments:People say you’re DiDi, your sister Di Bang, right?”hard fan Doan Di Bang said:

“If you don’t care what people say, will you get more money? If you don’t have more money, I don’t care. Because in this life, how do you know what people say behind your back. Maybe someday It’s normal for people to sit and drink with that friend today, then tomorrow it’s normal for people to trample you under their feet.”.

The god of emerging wealth - swinging idol Doan Di Bang closely to respond when being teased by antifans?  - Photo 2.

BH is not afraid to respond to netizens’ comments

About the idol Doan Di Bang and openly expressed it on social networks, BH once revealed that she loved and learned a lot of character and good things from the giant woman, so it was only today. In the first meeting with the idol, BH also prepared a 100 million Dior handbag as a gift.

“I don’t lack anything right now, but I’ve liked Ms. Bang for a long time, since 2014. In the past, only business people knew about Ms. Bang. I followed her until today and I said I idolized someone. It’s a very common thing. Many people think that they are clinging to the rich, seeing that they are forced to do them, but I don’t have a lack of money.” – BH shared.


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