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How Steve Jobs’ iPhone speech changed everything? -Hi-tech fashion

Friday, March 18, 2022 08:00 AM (GMT+7)

When Steve Jobs took the stage at Macworld in San Francisco on January 9, 2007 to introduce the first iPhone, no one could have imagined how the smartphone industry and the world at large would have changed from this device.

At that time, the smartphone market was very different from today. In the fourth quarter of 2006, only 18 million smartphones were shipped, but in the third quarter of 2021, more than 300 million smartphones were shipped.

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In the early days of the smartphone market, Nokia was the leader, followed by BlackBerry, Motorola, Palm and Sony Ericsson in the Top 5. One thing the big companies have in common when it comes to designing phones is this. combined with a physical keyboard. At that point, Jobs and Apple saw an opportunity for revolutionary change.

How does the iPhone affect the smartphone industry?

What people notice most about the iPhone is the touch screen interface. The entire front of the iPhone is one big screen, with absolutely no physical keyboard. Instead, the interface is tailored to the user, hiding or showing the keyboard as needed. Despite its revolutionary features, many people do not believe that the iPhone will gain traction.

In an interview with USA Today, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said: “There is no chance for the iPhone to capture any significant market share. No chance. It’s a $500 subsidized item. They can make a lot of money. But looking at the 1.3 billion phones sold, I’d rather have our software in 60% or 70% or 80% of them, than have 2% or 3% – what Apple can take “.

But things are not like that, after the iPhone appeared, the smartphone market share of Nokia and BlackBerry continuously dropped sharply. Later, both made major changes to their business models in order to survive.

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Most smartphones today mimic the features that the iPhone pioneered. The Android that Google released in September 2008 borrowed heavily from iOS. Handheld GPS devices and low- to mid-range cameras, as well as MP3 players, have gradually lost ground as the iPhone all fills those roles in a single device.

How does the iPhone affect Apple?

But also not to be overlooked is the iPhone’s impact on Apple itself. Apple started out as a computer manufacturer and almost died before Steve Jobs returned to the company when Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy. He helped turn the company around with the original iMac, followed by the G3 Mac, G4, and iPod.

Despite the company’s success with those products, the new iPhone helps take Apple to the next level. From a company that makes Mac OS machines far inferior to Windows, Apple has become a leader in the smartphone industry.

Even after the rise of Android, Apple continues to be a dominant force. The success of the iPhone also helped Apple become the first US company to be valued at $1 trillion.

The impact of the iPhone on the legacy of Steve Jobs left

Another big impact of the iPhone was on Steve Jobs himself and the legacy he left behind. Jobs died four years after introducing the iPhone at MacWorld, leaving a legacy far greater than the results it brought.

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Jobs and Steve Wozniak co-founded Apple, but due to his nimble nature, Jobs was fired. He then founded NeXT Inc. to repeat his early success with Apple. In the end, although NeXT failed, it created an operating system that plays a vital role in the current macOS platform after Apple bought NeXT to bring Jobs back. While leaving Apple, Jobs also bought Pixar, and the company went on to produce some of the most successful animated films in history.

Founding Apple, buying Pixar, then turning Apple around and helping save the company from bankruptcy and oblivion would be achievements enough to establish Jobs as one of the most successful entrepreneurs and CEOs of the 20th century. However, the success of the iPhone helped make Jobs’ legacy a legend, making him the icon countless Silicon Valley entrepreneurs aspire to. No one can tell how much the iPhone will change the world when it’s first introduced, but it’s a real testament to how the iPhone has changed everything. It’s hard to imagine a world without iPhones.

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