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How to quickly and easily wash and clean kelp

Kelp is also considered a seafood, containing many nutrients. This is also a rich source of iodine, which helps prevent goiter. The nutritional value of kelp is very high. They are rich in protein and a variety of minerals, eating kelp regularly also has the effect of stabilizing blood sugar, improving the body’s immune resistance. For long-term preservation of kelp and easy transport, kelp is usually dried.

clean kelp

Kelp after drying can be preserved for a long time. They are also unaffected by taste. After soaking in water, it will still be as fresh as fresh kelp.

However, the surface of kelp does not contain much dirt, and cleaning is not easy. Is the only way to clean them is to soak them in water and then rinse?

Many people wash kelp by soaking the kelp first, then rinsing it again but still can’t wash it off completely. Moreover, they have a fishy smell.

When cleaning kelp, you should add this. The dirt will separate from the kelp surface and dissolve into the water.

clean kelp

Use baking soda and vinegar

First, put the dried kelp in the bowl. Soak in warm water for a while to let the algae absorb the water and expand evenly. After absorbing enough water, the kelp will be soft. Empty the old pot of water, add to the new pot water, baking soda and a little vinegar, drop in the kelp. Soak for a while. During this process, the dirt clinging to the kelp will fall off. At that time, you can completely wash the kelp.

Baking soda helps the stubborn residue clinging to the surface of the kelp to fall off. Moreover, vinegar helps to remove the fishy smell of kelp, making kelp more delicious when cooked.

clean kelp

Use flour to clean kelp

When washing kelp, how to both clean and remove the fishy smell is very important. Soaking in water for a long time does not help the kelp to clean completely. In addition to using baking soda and vinegar, you can use flour.

Put the kelp in a pot, add enough water to clean through the surface of the kelp. Then, sprinkle a layer of flour evenly on the kelp, let rest for about 2 minutes. You may need a loofah or a soft brush, brushing the kelp from top to bottom. Then soak more kelp for a few minutes in clean water. At this time, the kelp has completely removed the dirt. Washing the kelp in this way retains the delicious taste and eliminates the fishy smell of the algae.

Use white wine

In addition to the two methods above, there is also an opinion that, clean the kelp by using a cloth soaked in alcohol such as sticky wine, soju, sake to wipe the surface of the kelp. This method does not use water to wash.

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