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Mother-in-law laughed with tears when she saw her daughter-in-law’s unique plate from banh beo

Source: TikTok @van.vinh0520

Recently, social networks got excited in front of a video of the mother-in-law enjoying the cake made by her daughter-in-law. The video opens with a scene of the mother-in-law “laughing like the seasons”, can’t stop when she sees a plate of banh parrots.

The cake outside the shop looks small and beautiful with a very attractive transparent crust. However, this son-in-law’s cake looks very luxurious, stuck to a large block with a slightly odd color.

The owner of the video explains that at first, the banh parrots look good, but after steaming, the pieces stick together, forming a “big” size cake. Thinking that this negligence would make the whole family shake their heads and frown, everyone would laugh happily.

In particular, the mother-in-law laughed and tried to separate the cake into small pieces for everyone to try. He emphasized that his son-in-law’s banh parrots, although not up to standard, were still delicious. Witnessing the scene, netizens couldn’t help but admire the lucky daughter-in-law to have such a relaxed and cute mother-in-law.

Some comments from netizens:

– The mother-in-law is very cute, the daughter-in-law must be kind, so that she can become a mother-in-law like this.

– The daughter-in-law bakes cakes, but the mother-in-law laughs with tears. Mom laughed, she couldn’t even eat. I hope I have a mother-in-law like that in the future.

– This is the easiest mother-in-law in the Gulf of Tonkin.

– Don’t tell me I don’t know how to be a banh parrot either. Her mother-in-law is very cute, just smiling, she knows she loves her daughter-in-law.

Stories about “cooking disasters” are not uncommon, not long ago netizens were shocked by bridal crab soup.

“In the past, cooking a whole child didn’t seem good, but now it’s beautiful, I listen to my mother-in-law telling me to stop. But my husband kept criticizing not eating. I think this is enough calcium. Can you tell me why I cooked it and no one ate it?”, asked the bride innocently.

As it turned out, she ground the crabs exactly as her mother-in-law said, but did not filter out the residue after pounding. Therefore, instead of the smooth, golden and delicious crab bricks, eaten with chilled spinach, a bowl of crab soup is covered with an oily residue that no one dares to eat.

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