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My father-in-law came to play, I overheard 3 words he shouted at my husband and I cried

Half a month ago, my father-in-law came from the countryside to visit the couple. He came up quite suddenly and also abnormally which made me difficult to understand. For the past four years, since we got married, have you ever visited your children?

When I heard about him, I got up early in the morning to go to the market to buy delicious food and cook rice. I also carefully asked my husband what he liked to cook.

When I came back from the market, I saw a strange pair of slippers at the door, I guessed that my father-in-law was already married. Just as I was about to come in and say hello, my footsteps stopped because of three strict words that my father-in-law shouted at his son: “Get a divorce!”

“Four years without a child, what do you think you are still living with? Don’t you want to be a father? You don’t think about these old people, do you? This time, I come here to announce to you, if I don’t solve it soon, I won’t be at peace with you!”.

Tears streamed down my cheeks. Four years of marriage still no children, the reason comes from my side. The couple have tried all kinds of treatments but still no results, spending a lot of money, time and energy.

I understand the thoughts of the husband’s family, but my heart still hurts. Love each other for several years before marriage, deep love. Another 4 years of marriage, should we separate because children’s story?

Sure enough, my father-in-law stepped up just to get out ultimatum for son. After the meal, he immediately returned, from beginning to end, he could not say a few words to his daughter-in-law.

My husband has not told his wife half a word about his father’s request. I also pretended not to know for the past 2 weeks. I understand that my husband loves me, he does not want to leave his wife. I also love you dearly. What should we do in this contradictory situation? How do I convince my husband’s parents to change their mind?

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