Newborn in critical condition after being covered with leaves and garlic by family to ‘cure Covid-19’

A 2-month-old newborn baby went to Hung Vuong General Hospital for emergency treatment with a high fever of 40 degrees, lethargy, prolonged convulsions, cyanosis, first-degree abdominal burns. Rapid test results were positive for the virus. SARS-CoV-2.

Immediately after entering the emergency room, the patient was quickly treated with an emergency intubation, mechanical ventilation, and vasopressors, sedation, and antibiotics. After receiving intensive care, the baby was fortunate to pass the life-threatening stage.

The baby is carried out the necessary laboratory tests. The doctors conducted a consultation and agreed on the diagnosis: Monitoring Encephalitis, Meningitis, Septic Shock/Corona Virus Infection.

Exploiting the child’s medical history from the family, the baby was infected with Covid-19 on the 4th day, had a high fever, was feeding poorly, at home taking fever-reducing medicine did not reduce the fever, the family applied garlic on the baby’s abdomen to cure it. Covid-19 and apply leaves in the fontanelle area to reduce fever. However, the baby’s condition is getting worse, the fever is lethargic, the abdomen is blistered. The family took the baby to Hung Vuong General Hospital for emergency treatment.

The baby was hospitalized in a very critical condition, the doctors had to race to be able to give emergency treatment to the baby in time. Newborn babies infected with Covid-19 are very susceptible to severe changes if not monitored and cared for promptly. Currently, the baby’s condition is more stable and receiving special care.

Doctors warn children with Covid-19 if their high fever does not respond to fever-reducing drugs, they need to go to the hospital for examination and treatment, in addition to febrile convulsions, when a child is infected with a virus, it is easy to become infected with bacteria. cause septic shock… Especially do not use garlic, medicinal leaves or any other medicine that is not recommended by doctors to apply or give to children.

Take your child to the hospital as soon as she has Covid-19 when she has the following symptoms:

– Continuous high fever unresponsive to antipyretic drugs, convulsions due to high fever alone.

– Fast breathing rate.

– Nervous: fatigue, giving up or not being able to eat or drink, irritability, irritability, decreased consciousness, difficult to wake up.

– Other signs: profuse diarrhea, vomiting, obvious dehydration: sunken eyes, dry lips, crying without tears.

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