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On what date is the real Korean New Year 2022, why do you offer vegetarian cakes?

Mar 19, 2022 01:56 GMT+7

The real Korean New Year (Tet with drifting cakes and vegetarian cakes) is a traditional Tet holiday of Vietnamese people that takes place on the 3rd day of the 3rd lunar month.

According to the perpetual calendar, Real Korean New Year 2022 on the 3rd day of the third lunar month in the year of the Tiger (ie Sunday, April 3, 2012).

The real Han Chinese New Year comes from China, in the Chinese sense, “Han” means cold, “real” means eating, “real Korean New Year” means eating cold food.

On what date is the real Korean New Year 2022, why do you offer vegetarian cakes?
Drift cake, vegetarian cake is a cold dish on real Korean New Year.

The custom of eating cold food on this New Year’s Day is associated with a thrilling story that has been passed down for generations. It is said that during the Spring and Autumn period (770 – 221), King Tan Van Cong of the Jin state, encountered a riot, had to leave the country in exile to live in the present state of Qi, tomorrow in the country of Chu.

At that time, there was a sage named Gioi Tu Thoi, who followed the king and helped many schemes. One day, on the way to refuge, food ran out, Gioi Tu Thoi had to secretly cut a piece of his thigh meat and cook it to the king. After the king finished eating, he asked to know that he was extremely grateful.

Gioi Tu Thoi followed King Tan Van Cong for nineteen years, tasted the honey of thorns, and practiced hard to become a talent.

Later, Tan Van Cong regained the throne, returned to be the king of the Tan state, and rewarded people with meritorious services when he died but forgot about Gioi Tu Thoi. Gioi Tu Thoi did not hold any grudges, just thinking that supporting the king was the right thing to do. So he went home and took his mother to Dien Son mountain to hide.

Tan Van Cong later remembered, sent someone to find Tu Thoi. But because he was a person who was not greedy for fame, Tu Thoi was determined not to return to receive the reward, Tan Van Cong ordered the forest to be burned to force Tu Thoi to return. Unexpectedly, Tu Thoi was determined, mother and daughter both died in the forest.

The king regretted to set up a temple. Every year, until March 3 is the burning death day of Tu Thoi mother and daughter, it is forbidden to use fire to cook, even making offerings must be done from the day before, this is considered the real Korean New Year.

Although originating from China, the real Korean New Year of Vietnamese people still has its own nuances. On the 3rd day of the 3rd lunar month every year, people eat cooked food cooled with the most sincere heart to remember the merits of raising parents, ancestors and deceased people.

On this day, Vietnamese people do not abstain from fire, still cook normally. Vietnamese people also create floating cakes, vegetarian cakes with the symbolic meaning that they are cold foods – Korean food.

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