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“Re-integrate” after recovering from Covid-19, the attitude of the two children surprised the older brother

Currently, there are many children and infants infected with Covid-19 disease. For families with many members, cross-contamination is inevitable. Therefore, as soon as it is known that this person has Covid-19, this person will quickly be isolated in a separate room to ensure for themselves and other family members.

Recently, a mother shared a clip recording the reunion of 3 brothers. Her eldest son was infected with Covid-19 so he was forced to stay in his own room, eat, clean, and absolutely not come into contact with his younger brothers. Because on weekdays, all three brothers play together, so 2 weeks is quite a long time for the children.

Brother meets 2 brothers again after 2 weeks of isolation because of Covid-19

After testing negative and being isolated for 2 weeks, the boy was reunited with his 2 younger brothers. As soon as they saw him, both the girl and the boy shouted with joy, hurriedly ran over and hugged each other. After that, the eldest brother gallantly picked up the youngest brother, the lovely reunion of the children made the adults smile unconsciously.

“I’m so sorry for the children, they are playing together but have to be isolated, but fortunately the two children are not infected”, “seeing them scream makes me feel happy to spread, pray for the epidemic to speed up. too much for children to have fun, be free to go to school”, “at home all the time, so we miss each other a lot, sometimes we are angry but we still love each other the most”… mothers sharing together.

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The two children happily ran to hug him after a long time apart.

The number of children and infants infected with Covid-19 is increasing day by day. Parents should pay attention, observe and take good care of their children. If unfortunately infected, it is necessary to calm down, isolate the baby from family members, ensure the nutrition, diet and fever-reducing drugs, necessary vitamins to help the baby strengthen the resistance and recover quickly.

After testing negative, the baby should be isolated for a while before allowing the child to see family members again to minimize the possibility of cross-infection.

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