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Shenzhen loosens isolation regulations, China’s Zero-Covid is “breathing” gradually?

A total of 5 districts will be reopened after nearly a week of lockdown. This will allow the workers here to come to work. Trains and buses are allowed to operate again from March 21. However, the rest of the city will remain under lockdown and travel restrictions.

The city’s Health Commission said it will try to control Covid-19 with minimal social distancing as well as come up with appropriate solutions to ensure production and business activities. The lifting of the blockade comes less than a week after the technology hub of 17.5 million people was abruptly closed to prevent the spread of the omicron variant.

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At the moment, China is looking for a way to limit the distance to prevent disruptions in the world’s second-largest economy, but still maintain its Zero Covid strategy, which is facing unprecedented challenges. ever had.

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s insistence on the need to combat economic damage signals a shift in China’s zero-tolerance strategy against Covid-19 that has been in place for years. This could entail mass policy changes.

China has also approved Pfizer’s antiviral drug, allowing the use of rapid antigen tests (quick test) to identify cases as well as allowing patients with mild and asymptomatic Covid-19 to be treated. in isolation areas to avoid overcrowding hospitals.

“A more flexible Zero-Covid policy could be a step towards more openness in China’s anti-epidemic policy and possibly closer to living with Covid-19,” said Roberta Lipson, a leader pharmaceutical company, said.

Earlier, Foxconn also surprised when it said that it was allowed to partially reopen its factory in Shenzhen when it was possible to build a closed production process in which workers work and return to their residence in the mold. factory, completely isolated from the outside. This bubble is similar to the system successfully deployed by China at the Beijing Winter Olympics just now.

The signs of support for the Chinese economy come as the country is facing the worst outbreak of the disease in more than two years. The number of daily cases in China rose to more than 4,000 on March 18 as more cases were detected in the northeastern province of Jilin.

In the Shanghai Financial Center, the number of cases surpassed 250 as authorities carried out testing for areas in the vicinity of high-risk areas. Shanghai authorities also said they would conduct a nationwide test in the next three days. They also urged the city’s nearly 25 million residents to avoid going out and work from home if possible.

China is currently the rare country that still applies the Zero-Covid strategy despite more than 2 billion doses of vaccines being administered.

Reference: Bloomberg

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