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Start with the heart, succeed with the word

Affirming the name from the first project

According to the real estate consumer sentiment report of in February 2022, up to 84% of customers believe in the good reputation of the investor. This number shows that reputation is a very important criterion affecting consumers’ decision to choose real estate products.

Moreover, real estate investment is a long-term investment, with a large amount of resources and an operating cycle of about 5 years, even 10 years or longer. Therefore, real estate businesses also have a clear screening before the fluctuations of the socio-economic situation in the past two years.

However, this screening also opens up opportunities for businesses with strong financial resources, good reputation, and high product quality to continue to assert their position in the market. In which, it must be mentioned Van Phu – Invest, a professional, dedicated real estate developer who has maintained its credibility since the first products.

Van Phu - Invest: Start with the heart, succeed with the credit - 1

Van Phu new urban area, Ha Dong district changes the face of the western part of the city.

In 2006, Van Phu – Invest officially started the first project – Van Phu New Urban Area (Ha Dong), right at the time when the real estate market was entering a recession. Despite many difficulties, Van Phu New Urban Area was completed, successfully finished and became a model urban area in Hanoi at that time, contributing to changing the face of the West of the Capital.

The first project contains all our wishes and aspirations about creating a livable urban area, a happy and civilized community. That desire and steadfast will helped us complete the plan and get unexpected results, helping Van Phu – Invest quickly gain a position in the market right from the first step.”, a representative of Van Phu – Invest shared.

Van Phu - Invest: Start with the heart, succeed with the credit - 2

Grandeur Palace – Giang Vo project of Van Phu – Invest in Hanoi.

After a steady stepping stone, Van Phu – Invest has continued to assert its name with a series of high-quality projects in Hanoi such as The Terra – Hao Nam, The Terra – An Hung, Grandeur Palace – Giang Vo… and expanding to many provinces across the country.

In each project, Van Phu-Invest makes its mark with the speed of product liquidity, the trust of customers, high credit rating from experts… All have helped Van Phu – Invest keep wholeheartedly, faithfully, overcome many market fluctuations, firmly in the face of changes in the economic situation.

20 years of efforts to maintain a strong brand

To create a distinct value for the brand, keeping the heart and reputation is the direction Van Phu – Invest has chosen and maintained for the past 20 years. To do this, we spend a lot of resources on market research, customer psychology, location and terrain research, thereby deciding on the type of product and making the best products.

It can be affirmed that each project of Van Phu – Invest is a unique work, we do not copy or replicate a specific model, even if they are projects in the same product segment. Because, each project has its own location and location with separate customer sets.

For example, in the high-end product line The Terra, The Terra – Hao Nam was prioritized by Van Phu – Invest to design a wide exterior shophouse facade with high ceilings to take advantage of its location in the middle of busy Hao Nam street. .

Inside the project is the internal road, the residential tower is separate from the noise outside. The facilities at The Terra – Hao Nam are selective, only provided according to real needs because the project is located in an area that inherits a variety of external utilities.

Meanwhile, The Terra – An Hung is a synchronous shophouse series, flexible design for both business, rental and residence needs of customers. Because it is located in an area far from the center, targeting a group of customers who are young families, The Terra – An Hung is a complex of diverse utilities, helping residents to rest, entertain, play and shop fully. in just a few steps”, a representative of Van Phu – Invest shared.

Van Phu - Invest: Start with your heart, succeed with your credit - 3

The Terra – An Hung project has a modern and youthful design.

Besides, Van Phu – Invest also affirms its dedication through accompanying customers after receiving the project handover. The projects of this investor are managed and operated by reputable units. The investor also creates a unique culture for residents, which is a love of art, community connection, and a living environment rich in humanity.

I like the way Van Phu – Invest builds resident culture in the project. If normal projects are only aimed at diversifying utilities, this investor is more focused on customer experience.

It will be difficult to find a project in Hanoi that has a free community book library, free karaoke room, community living rooms, amusement park or park area, trees, and scenic glass bridge on the 33rd floor. aggregated in the same project. And that is also the reason why I choose The Terra – An Hung, it suits the personality of modern young families.“, Mr. Le Quoc Cuong (Ha Dong), a resident of The Terra – An Hung shared.

Not only gaining the trust from customers, Van Phu – Invest is also a brand that is highly appreciated by many organizations and associations.

This business has many times received prestigious awards such as “Top 10 leading real estate developers in Vietnam” selected by the Vietnam Real Estate Association, “Top 20 famous brands, competitive brands”. honored by the Intellectual Property Association, “Top 3 enterprises with the best IR activities” recognized by financial institutions… all are guarantees, affirming the right direction of Van Phu – Invest on the way its nearly 2 decades of development.

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