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Subjects at risk of post-Covid-19 brain fog syndrome

Post-Covid-19 brain fog Nowadays, it is one of the issues that people are concerned about. Many people expressed concern about post-Covid-19 syndrome this. So in which group of subjects is the post-Covid-19 brain fog syndrome most common? Recently, experts have answered.

Ask: Exiting “life F0”, I found myself falling into a state of remembering and forgetting all day long. Sometimes telling me to go to the market to buy something and then go out there and stand around forever, not remembering, and then come back. Many times, I plan to talk about this and that with my loved ones, and then when I’m about to say it, I forget it all.

Do I have post-Covid-19 brain fog syndrome? If that’s true, I don’t understand why I have it. Please let your doctor know who is susceptible to this condition to see if you are at high risk. Thank you doctor!

Dr. Le Tien Huy (Deputy Director of the Institute of Medical Science and Technology) replied as follows:

Subjects susceptible to post-Covid-19 brain fog syndrome


The typical symptoms of people with post-Covid-19 brain fog syndrome are forgetfulness, poor concentration, lack of clarity, sometimes the body is always tired. According to you about the symptoms you experience after recovering from the disease, it can be said that this is a fairly typical symptom of post-Covid-19 brain fog syndrome. Regarding subjects susceptible to post-Covid-19 brain fog syndrome, researchers found that it mainly occurs in the following 4 groups of people:

– People with diabetes, hypertension.

– People with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

– People with anxiety and depression.

– People with a history of substance abuse.

Therefore, good management of the underlying disease, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help you limit post-Covid-19 sequelae such as brain fog syndrome. Even if you have this syndrome, you do not need to worry too much. Always relax, eat healthy and exercise in moderation, don’t take drugs… you will quickly get rid of the brain fog.

wish you happy and healthy!

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