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Sun World Ba Na Hills upgrade products and services on a large scale

Welcoming guests back from March 18, Sun World Ba Na Hills launches new unique categories and experiences.

At the same time, KDL revealed many special plans for the future expansion period, making Da Nang a “special competitive position” of the central tourist capital, in the race to return to the throne.

Large-scale investment, anticipating the trend of green tourism

Sharing about the opening plan, Mr. Nguyen Lam An – Director of Sun World Ba Na Hills KDL said: “We have carefully prepared and made a great investment for the new phase right during the time when we stopped welcoming guests. . Sun World Ba Na Hills is ready to return, accompanying the revival of Da Nang city, with a new version that is superior in both quality and quantity.

Sun World Ba Na Hills upgrade products and services on a large scale

Accordingly, Sun World Ba Na Hills is implementing the second phase of investment with great resources, upgrading and expanding many new items, creating a comprehensive breakthrough within the next 3 years.

The first time to reopen from March 18, KDL will operate the Hoi An – Marseille cable route directly to the Golden Bridge and the Bordeaux – Louvre cable line to the top of the mountain. The nearly 430m-long mountain railway line 2 will be operated from April 30, bringing visitors from the Kingdom of the Sun to roam in the Castle of the Moon – the new construction launched this summer promises to bring many things ” secret”.

Sun World Ba Na Hills upgrade products and services on a large scale

A series of international park-standard entertainment experiences will in turn be added to tourists’ journey to Chua Mountain from this summer such as: 5D cinema and 2 high-class Airship cinemas; Traditional wooden horse carousel in medieval Europe; Traditional game booths are as attractive as those at major parks around the world.

From the end of April 2022 to the end of the year, Sun World Ba Na Hills will warm up “Asia’s leading festival and event city” with exciting programs and activities. A Carnival street and Eclipse Square – the intersection between the two kingdoms of the Moon and the Sun – will not only be a place for visitors to immerse themselves in colorful parades, indulge in jubilant street dances. It is also a unique sight-seeing place, which can fully capture the eyes of two magnificent castles hidden among white clouds and green forests.

Sun World Ba Na Hills upgrade products and services on a large scale

The resort will launch the “European Fair” with bold medieval colors, bringing an impressive new experience to visitors. Summer Festival – B’estival Food and Beer Festival at Beer Plaza will also “re-appear” this summer, alongside the show “The battle of the Moon Kingdom” at the Moon Castle stage. …

In the future, in the following years from 2023 to 2025, anticipating the trend of green tourism, returning to nature for tourists in a new context, Sun World Ba Na Hills will deploy projects associated with the elements. Ecological, nature-oriented and close to the environment such as: The museum combines water landscape with the design consultancy of an international unit that has successfully organized the big shows of Michael Jackson, Celine Dion ; Tropical gardens and flower gardens, green carpets are planned as European spaces between the clouds and sky of Ba Na.

KDL will also realize the standard wine production process right in Ba Na. It is expected that in 2023, visitors will be able to visit, experience the full process and enjoy the taste of “made in Ba Na” wine at 4 uniquely designed wine tasting rooms.

Determined to bring Da Nang back to the throne

The investment in upgrading, renovating and launching new products of Ba Na has been deployed by Sun Group even in the days of the epidemic with a high determination: to bring Da Nang to the top. new high after a period of quietness due to Covid-19.

Appreciating the enthusiasm and large-scale investment of Sun Group in Ba Na Hills, Vice Chairman of the City People’s Committee Tran Phuoc Son expects: “We believe that, when Ba Na Hills reopens, it will certainly contribute to creating a big push for Da Nang tourism to recover and break through. And when Ba Na Hills perfects the products and services that they are cherishing and deploying, not only domestic tourists, but even international visitors to Da Nang will also have to admire, admire and be satisfied. “.

Sun World Ba Na Hills upgrade products and services on a large scale

Following the progress of upgrading and renewing products at Ba Na Hills, through project inspections, city leaders highly welcomed and supported the development orientation of Sun Group. Da Nang hopes that with this breakthrough comeback, Sun World Ba Na Hills will join the city in creating new values ​​for tourism, bringing Da Nang to a strong breakthrough, affirming its position as the leading destination of Da Nang. Vietnam tourism.

“What we are creating in Ba Na may more or less affect tourists’ excursions. However, Ba Na Hills is making efforts so that visitors will experience the quintessence of world culture and entertainment right in Da Nang as soon as possible”, a KDL representative shared.

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