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The cheating couple bowed their heads and kept their mouths shut

Not one woman Who wants to see her husband having an affair with a mistress? But life is too cruel, sometimes you will find out everything at your most desperate. But never bow your head in silence, face the truth frankly. You need to handle things well, evaluate whether you can forgive the traitor or not. When love is exhausted, you should definitely leave relationship no more breath…

A recent marriage story was posted on MXH, causing many viewers to feel sad. The short clip records the scene where the wife caught cheating on her husband and the ex-lover’s mistress were together. Quickly, the clip has attracted hundreds of thousands of views.

The whole clip, we seem to only hear the heartbreaking words of the wife. Meanwhile, her husband was wearing a shirt and the mistress was wearing a short skirt and sat on the chair with her head bowed. Many people guessed that it was possible that the cheating couple had just experienced a “love” and was caught in the match, so they could not change their clothes in time.

The wife caught cheating at the husband and mistress battle. (Source: TikTok)

Accompanying the wife were 2-3 men believed to be relatives. The caption line of the clip owner clearly stated “An extramarital affair with an ex.”

At the beginning of the clip, the wife spoke up:

“A guy (husband – PV) only knows how to neglect his wife and children and doesn’t care about his wife and children like this. In the past, I have married but now I never marry. But while I was with him, I was living with him. My son is sick, but are you going out together? When we go out together, I called and said I was going to the store?”.

Then she said words of obvious exasperation: “Beautiful face! What’s wrong?”.

Having said that, the words that are evidence of the wife probably touched the “black heart” of the cheating couple, making them unable to resist. It is also necessary to praise the civility of the wife when she remains calm, does not happen to quarrel or curse. The woman in this situation is considered by netizens to be extremely delicate and high-handed. Everyone condemned the unacceptable act of the other cheating couple.

It is not known after that, how the wife will solve it, whether to terminate the relationship with her husband or not. But with the bravery of a woman, she will surely find a good solution for herself. Khien-dan-mang-cuc-xotxa-20220318155235435.chn

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