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The dog surprised netizens: ‘Oh my god, why is he so smart?’

Mar 18, 2022 11:09 GMT+7

The social network shared a clip recording the image of a smart dog that not only saved the little owner from falling into the aquarium, but also did something that surprised netizens.

The security camera of the house recorded an extremely interesting situation that surprised netizens at the intelligence of the pet dog.

In the clip, there are two sisters in the yard playing a game of throwing a ball. Unfortunately, the older sister threw it too hard, causing the ball to fall into the small aquarium behind the younger brother.

After running to find the ball in the deep water pool and could not be picked up by herself, the older sister ran into the house and did not forget to tell her brother not to take the ball himself.

A family dog ​​was watching the two sisters play ball, when he saw his brother lying on the edge of the fish tank, he ran to observe the “scene”. The dog then bit the boy’s shirt and pulled him back to avoid the deep water.

Then, the dog ran to grab the racket that was standing next to the wall to pull the ball up.

After picking up the ball, the dog also grabbed the ball and brought it to the little owner.

All the action sequences of the German breed are as proficient as a human.

The dog surprised netizens: 'Oh my god, why is it so smart?'
Image cut from clip

The clip attracted millions of views, comments and emotions of netizens. Hundreds of thousands of comments are all admiring and praising the intelligent dog’s skillful actions:

Do you want to own such a smart and good dog? Oh my god, why is it so smart?”;

“The German Shepherd Dog is a dog that is easy to train and protects the owner very well. Therefore, this breed is always loved by many people”;

“Remember the movie Rex the dog, always dreamed of raising this child but there was no room at home”;

“Am I dizzy, why is it so smart? This species needs to be preserved and propagated urgently”;

“Knowing how to use a racket to catch the ball, IQ is too good”;

“That’s why families treat pets like family members.”

Lam Giang

Clip: MXH

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