The former police officer led the red book swapping ring to appropriate 23 billion dong

Information from the People’s Court of Hanoi, this agency is accepting documents, planning to consider and handle 11 defendants in the cases of “Scam to appropriate property” and “Forged documents of the agency” agencies, organizations” related to a former police officer.

Authorities said Vu Quy Lam, 36 years old, from Hai Duong, a former police officer, was the leader. However Lam is on the run.

The prosecution determined that in early July 2019, Mr. L asked someone to sell the land plot at Ho Cau Duong area, Yen Vien town, Gia Lam district, Hanoi on the Internet. Lam took the fake name Hoang and asked the landlord to take a photo of the “red book” and send it to the subject, promising to buy land for 12 billion VND.

Based on the red book photo provided by the victim, Lam forged this document and then went to see Mr. L. When approaching the land owner, taking advantage of the landlord’s loophole, Lam and his accomplices exchanged the red book.

When he had the real red book in hand, Lam discussed with two acquaintances, Nguyen Thi Hau and Nguyen Dinh Kieu, to collude to fake identity papers, household registration books bearing the name of the landowner on the land in order to legalize the information with the book. Red. At the same time, due to the need to buy land, Mr. V and his wife contacted Lam’s group. The two sides agreed, the land price is 3.2 billion dong.

According to Lam’s instructions, Hiep pretended to be Mr. L to Mr. V’s house to sign a contract for real estate transfer. Mr. V and his wife paid the above amount for Lam’s group.

On January 3, 2020, Mr. V and his wife brought the “red book” to the branch of the Hanoi Land Registration Office in Gia Lam district to carry out the “name transfer” procedure, only to know that Mr. L’s family had an application. temporarily stop the transaction of the above land plot.

Using the above tricks, Lam and his accomplices carried out 11 cases of appropriating money from the victims.

In addition to the above cases, the Procuracy clarified that in February 2018, Vu Quy Lam knew that Mr. Hien (in Bac Tu Liem district, Hanoi) had a need to separate the red book of a land of more than 90 m2, so the accused said he was a police officer. , can help Mr. Hien do this.

When Mr. Hien handed over the original red book, Lam forged and appropriated the victim’s real papers. In June 2018, Lam used this red book, asked an acquaintance to transfer properties to mortgage, borrow and appropriate 1.3 billion VND from VP Bank.

Also in 2018, defendant Lam also appropriated 2 other red books to defraud and appropriate VP Bank nearly 3 billion VND.

The total amount of money Vu Quy Lam and his accomplices appropriated from individuals and organizations amounted to nearly 23 billion VND.

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