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“The more stress, the more shedding”

Psychological crisis because of prolonged hair loss

Infected with Covid-19 in early August 2021, Ms. NTSK (29 years old, living in District 7) said that after the first month of insomnia, feeling short of breath, she began to feel that her hair was falling out more.

Because of office work, in favor of communication and meeting with customers, the hair loss with Ms. K. became obsessive. “At first, I just thought that hair loss was normal, when I combed my hair, the more times I combed it, the more my hair fell out, although I also researched, supplemented with nutrition, and took medicine, but it didn’t improve, now a part of my scalp I’ve lost my hair.” sister K. lamented.

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Many people come to Ho Chi Minh City Dermatology Hospital for examination in the state of hair loss, sometimes even baldness after Covid-19

Just like Ms. K., Ms. Nguyen Anh Hong (24 years old, living in Binh Thanh) said that after a long time falling into stress and insomnia after Covid-19, Hong’s hair also fell more, lasting for 4 days. months from the time of recovery.

“My hair is inherently weak, so in the past, I also tried to take care of it, no one expected that after I got infected, my hair would fall out more. One day, I couldn’t sleep, stayed up until 2-3 am, part of me was scared. , thinking around, the body is tired, the stress is prolonged, it is impossible to sleep”Ms. Hong said.

According to BS.CK2 Tran Kim Phuong – Head of Aesthetic Dermatology Department – Ho Chi Minh City Hospital of Dermatology, said that in many studies on the post-Covid-19 situation, it was found that hair loss is the 4th most common disease (after). fatigue, dyspnea and attention disturbance) at a rate of 25%.

After Covid-19, women were in crisis when their hair fell so much that they went bald, the dermatologist mentioned a surprising cause that few people knew - Photo 2.

BS.CK2 Tran Kim Phuong – Head of Dermatology Department, Ho Chi Minh City Hospital of Dermatology, said that post-Covid-19 hair loss is more common in women than in men, mostly at a young age (working)

Normally, a person loses about 50-100 hairs every day. After the hair is shed, new hair will grow from the roots and the growth cycle will begin again. Any factor that affects the growth of hair follicles, causing the anagen phase to shorten and the telogen phase to lengthen, causing hair loss.

Meanwhile, people who have been infected with Covid-19, especially when going through a period of severe illness and stress, have a higher rate of hair loss, often in women and young age, working.

According to BS. Phuong, there are many causes of hair loss, when you are sick or infected with a virus, all the viruses that cause high fever can cause hair loss. Moreover, the virus itself will clog the small blood vessels that feed the hair follicles, causing the hair follicles to slowly fall out, and at the same time, life pressure, psychological instability, prolonged stress also lead to hair loss.

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Many people have come to the Department of Cosmetic Dermatology, Dermatology Hospital to check when their hair is falling out a lot and quickly after Covid-19

“When I got sick, I myself ate worse, taking care of my scalp wasn’t good, so after 2-3 months of recovering from Covid-19, my hair started to fall a lot, accounting for about 25%. People who undergo treatment for a serious illness, have to take a lot of medication, have multiple organ failure or have other thyroid conditions, their hair will fall out more than someone with a mild Covid-19 infection.” BS. Tran Kim Phuong said.

Post-Covid-19 hair loss will grow back?

According to the Head of Aesthetic Dermatology, Ho Chi Minh City Dermatology Hospital, it is normal to lose less than 100 hairs per day, but many people are very worried about this.

“The more worried a person, the more stressed, the more hair falls out, especially women when they take care of themselves and their appearance every day. Once the psychological instability, fear also causes hair loss. shed more”, BS. Phuong said.

After Covid-19, women were in crisis when their hair fell so much that they went bald, the dermatologist mentioned a surprising cause that few people knew - Photo 4.

BS. Phuong explains the mechanism of hair loss, people should not be too confused

Post-Covid-19 hair loss is not dangerous, but losing too much and quickly in a short period of time will make each person very worried, always thinking that after losing their hair will go bald and won’t grow anymore.

However, in the mechanism of post-Covid-19 disease, hair will regrow, but intervention and treatment is also required to avoid scalp inflammation, increasing the risk of difficult hair growth.”, BS. Phuong analysis.

In order to be able to restore hair quickly, avoiding unfortunate consequences later, the Head of the Department of Aesthetics and Dermatology, Ho Chi Minh City Hospital of Dermatology, said that if after recovering from Covid-19, the condition of hair loss is detected. If there is a lot of hair, quickly, people need to go to a hospital specializing in dermatology for examination and examination. At the same time, the post-Covid-19 psychology also greatly affects the hair loss process, the more stress, the more hair loss.

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The good news is that hair that was lost after Covid-19 will grow back

“One good thing is that hair loss after Covid-19 will regrow hair, but it takes a very long time to regrow hair, about 6 months, for some people it takes 1 year. Therefore, people have a lot of hair loss. Do not be impatient, stressed, the more unstable the mind, the more hair will fall.

At the same time, for rapid hair regrowth, it is necessary to have a full diet, provide enough vitamins, everyone should go to bed early. Sometimes I think that after Covid-19 I am afraid, not only will my hair fall, many people will also fall into depression.” BS. Phuong gives advice.

After Covid-19, women were in crisis when their hair fell so much that they went bald, the dermatologist mentioned a surprising cause that few people knew - Photo 6.

The problem of hair is very important for women, so many people feel afraid when their hair falls out a lot. But the more you worry and the more stress, the more damaged your hair will be, the most important thing is still an optimistic and comfortable spirit to recover from damage.

According to BS. Phuong, after the period of social distancing, the number of patients coming to Ho Chi Minh City Dermatology Hospital to examine the sequelae of post-Covid-19 hair loss is increasing day by day. Most of the patients were worried and disappointed when just stroked their hair once and lost “a handful”. There are also many patients who stroke their hair too many times, which affects the hair (which is already weak) causing the hair to fall out faster.

“The psychological issue is very important, the more you fear, the more hair you lose, psychology affects many diseases, if you are happy, you will overcome it faster. Hair loss after Covid-19 is that the hair will grow back, although However, I have to go to a dermatologist to examine and get tested to see if my hair loss is due to post-Covid-19 or is it due to other diseases.” BS. Phuong said.

After Covid-19, women were in crisis when their hair fell so much that they went bald, the dermatologist mentioned a surprising cause that few people knew - Photo 7.

The Department of Medical Examination, Dermatology Hospital of Ho Chi Minh City also received many cases of hair loss caused by post-Covid-19 life-bat-no-it-people-biet-20220317212238141.chn

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