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The type of meat that lowers blood sugar, there are many in the countryside of Vietnam, but you don’t know it

To avoid blood sugar fluctuations, diabetics mainly eat only green vegetables and grains, but rarely dare to eat meat. However, completely eliminating meat from the diet can make people weak, malnourished and affect the effectiveness of treatment. It is a fact that people with diabetes can consume some healthy meats, such as eel.

In Vietnam, eel is likened to a “specialty”, which can be used to make many delicious dishes. According to the National Institute of Nutrition, in 100g of eel meat contains 18.7g protein, 0.9g fat, 39g calcium, 1.6mg iron. In particular, eel meat is rich in vitamin A, often ranked in the list of the top 5 foods rich in vitamin A.


According to general practitioner Bui Dac Sang (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Hanoi Oriental Medicine Association), eel meat in Oriental Medicine has a positive effect, nourishing the spleen and stomach. It has the main function of treating and repairing damage, reducing leprosy, strengthening tendons and bones, treating cough caused by tuberculosis, reducing thirst and lowering dysentery (diabetes, dysentery).

Eel meat is rich in protein and vitamins, so if steamed in water, without adding spices or cooked into soup, it can be low blood sugar food, suitable for people with diabetes. Diabetics can eat 1-2 meals of eel per week. Dosage can be consulted with a doctor because it depends on each health condition.

Some dishes/recipes have the effect of treating diseases from eels

1. Great for tonic blood, treat fatigue, loss of strength, dizziness

Method: Use 250g of eel, remove all organs, cut into small pieces, cook with 100g lean pork, 50g abalone, 10 big apples. After cooking, use the meat soup for a few days to take effect.


2. Treat internal hemorrhoids with bleeding

Method: Bring a few eels, clean and remove the internal organs, add soy sauce, wine, each in a moderate amount to fry, eat often.

3. Treating emotions in children

Method: 3 chopped eels, add 10g of basil, stew in water, use immediately for a few days.

4. Treatment of weak limbs

How to make: 1 eel is stewed in water with 20g of needles, used regularly.

5. Treatment of anal prolapse

Method: Dried eel head powdered, used to drink with wine, 2-3 times a day, 5g each time, used for 5-7 days.


6. Treat physiological weakness

Method: Put the eel in and stir-fry with onions, ginger, corn, wine, cover the stew for a moment, open the lid, add 700ml cold water. After boiling, use low heat to simmer for 30 minutes, until the meat is tender. Put the tapioca flour in, stir the pan until the meat is slightly thickened, stir the pan, add more oil. Pour into a bowl, the dish has the effect of erectile dysfunction, treating physiological weakness.

Or: Stew eel with lotus seeds, ha thu o, cat mushrooms or reishi mushrooms, you can add guise leaves to serve.

7. Treatment for anemia, fatigue

Method: 10g finely chopped eel meat, 10-20ml ginger juice, just enough rice, cooked into porridge. Eat during the day.

8. Diabetes treatment

How to make: Use 200g of eel, 10g of Bac Sa ginseng, 10g of juniper berries, add ginger and just enough spices, simmer, cook into soup, serve with rice.

3 golden notes when eating eel meat

1. Beware of parasites when eating eel

According to physician Bui Dac Sang, eels live in a swampy environment, often burrow in muddy ponds, cloudy water… Not to mention that eels are omnivores, so the digestive system and even the meat of the eels can be infected with bacteria and parasites. coincide.

How to prepare eel to make sure it’s clean and not viscous: Use water to wash rice, wine or lemon juice to remove the eel until the slime is gone. Wash the eel clean, remove the intestines of the eel. After that, they should be processed by simmering, steaming, and not eating eels when they are not fully cooked.


2. Don’t be foolish to buy dead eels

Unlike other foods, dead eels should not be purchased. The reason is that in eel meat contains a lot of protein, the compound Histidine. When the eel dies, bacteria will turn the compound into a toxic Histamine that can cause allergies or poisoning.

3. After eating eel, it is necessary to avoid foods with cold properties

People need to avoid eating cold foods such as shrimp, sea crab, watermelon, banana pepper, etc. immediately after eating eel, because eels have a temper, eating immediately can cause discomfort, even poisoning. com

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