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VinFast shakes hands with EVN, aiming to build 3,000 charging stations nationwide

On the afternoon of March 15, 2022, the Northern Electricity Corporation worked with VinFast on supplying electricity to charging stations in the northern provinces.

At the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Hong Nhat – project development representative of Vinfast’s electrical infrastructure said that VinFast’s goal is to build 150,000 charging ports with 3,000 charging stations nationwide to ensure the circulation of customers. electric vehicles, and in the Northern provinces it is expected to build about 200 stations with invested charging posts with capacity of 60kW, 150kW and 300kW. It is expected to be completed in the second and third quarters of 2022.

Talking at the meeting, Mr. Do Van Nam – Head of the Sales Department suggested that VinFast should pay attention to a number of contents so that the construction of electric charging posts is carried out according to the time and regulations. Specifically: the power buyer (VinFast) must invest in a substation and line to connect to the nearest medium voltage line within the scope of VinFast reaching agreements with the lessee when placing the charging station. During the design and construction process, it should be noted that when the line crosses the provincial highway or national highway, the height of the overhead line and the route corridor must be ensured in that area.

According to the provisions of the Electricity of Vietnam for distribution corporations, the power supply from 2000KVA or more at medium voltage level shall be handled by the Provincial Electricity Company. Below 2000KVA, Electricity deals with the purpose of creating convenience for customers in ensuring power supply. In carrying out the line design, VinFast must ensure that the equipment is disconnected when there is a problem, or there are related problems in electricity payment.

The concern of VinFast about the transformer in the first stage has not reached the load, Mr. Do Van Nam said, will put the metering system at medium voltage in accordance with the property boundary, the underload will be measured through the Silk to ensure safety, beauty and optimal for both parties.

For the signing of power purchase and sale contracts, the Corporation will sign with VinFast based on the land lease contract that VinFast agrees with the lessee when placing the charging stations. Electricity trading procedures are carried out by Electricity Companies according to a form that is agreed with customers when making connections.

Speaking at the meeting, General Director Nguyen Duc Thien affirmed that the Northern Electricity Corporation would ensure the best electricity supply for VinFast, on the basis that VinFast must strictly comply with the provisions of the Electricity Law. power and regulations of the Electricity of Vietnam. At the same time, during the implementation process, the Corporation will cooperate with VinFast to monitor the quality and when put into operation will have the best services and the highest technology so that VinFast’s charging stations can be safely operated. Mr. Thien also suggested that, after the meeting, the two sides will have a minutes of agreement to serve as a unified and transparent basis for Power companies when implementing power supply for VinFast in the area under their management.

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