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18+ beauties give up on hot scenes because… afraid of men

Saturday, March 19, 2022 20:04 PM (GMT+7)

Because of the hot scenes in the movie “3D humiliation”, the actress used to suffer from prolonged depression.

Lam Yen once became “Asia’s No. 1 3D Goddess” in the eyes of fans after participating in the movie “Humiliation”. However, at present, the beauty has stayed away from the showbiz world because of haunting hot scenes before.

Beauties do their best for hot scenes

Lam Yen participated in the first hot scene in the movie “Ho Chi Kiss” when she was not yet 18 years old. Before that, the beauty deliberately hid her age and was born in 1986 to audition. Since this small role, the actress has caught the eye of Hong Kong’s leading entertainment company Anh Hoang. In 2006, Lam Yen changed her stage name Leni and became Anh Hoang’s “pet chicken”. However, the beauty still did not resonate with later films. In 2010, Lam Yen left Anh Hoang.

18+ beauties give up on hot scenes because... afraid of men - 1

The beauty played the first hot scene when she was not yet 18 years old.

As soon as she left Anh Hoang, Lam Yen became famous all over China when she participated in the movie “Humiliation”. This is the first Hong Kong high school film made in 3D. The film has caused a sensation for a long time when it reached a box office record with a revenue of up to 41 million HKD (119 billion VND).

Lam Yen was named “Asia’s No. 1 3D Goddess” thanks to her role as a beautiful and sexy wife in the film. In the scene of being tortured by the soldiers for fun, the beauty almost showed off her full bust in front of the camera. Although her mouth is crying bitterly, Lam Yen still looks very sexy next to the rattan whip and chains.

In order to complete the hot scenes in “Humiliation” in 2011, the beauties born in 1990 had to act continuously for 24 hours without rest. After completing the scene, Lam Yen’s whole body was exhausted, exhausted and could not move. She even had low blood sugar to the point of being hospitalized.

Giving up doing sexy scenes because I’m too scared of men

The actress used to suffer from anxiety disorder because she was under great pressure because of a series of revealing and provocative scenes in the movie “Humiliation”. Accordingly, in March 2011, Lam Yen caused a stir in Chinese public opinion when suddenly disappeared for unknown reasons. This information made her family worry that she would not think thoroughly and do foolish things.

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The beauty used to suffer from depression due to a lot of pressure after filming hot scenes.

At that time, Lam Yen’s manager said that the beauty always expressed depression and pressure when thinking about the prospect of the audience criticizing her for playing hot scenes. The actress also wants to stay away from the entertainment industry and rest somewhere. Since the last scene on March 16, 2011, no family members have been able to contact her.

When the movie was shown in theaters, she locked herself in a dark room crying and dared not leave the house. Although “Humiliation” helped the name Lam Yen become popular, the beauty affirmed that she deeply regrets participating in high school movies.

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Lam Yen joins a few Tran princesses who carry on themselves the debt of their enemies in “Hero of Sui Duong”.

After a long time, Lam Yen returned to acting. However, she did not accept the invitation to act in hot scenes in movies and TV shows because of her obsession with “fear of men”. The actress participated in a few works such as “Thai Binh Princess of Secret History”, “Trung Er Story”, “The Lost Secret”, “Vu Da Horror”, “Hero of Sui Duong”… but all of them could not escape. from the oversized shadow of the character in the 18+ old movie.

Love with actor Chau Kiet Luan

In addition to her career, Lam Yen’s emotional private life is equally famous when she once declared “back and forth” with directors Duong Quy Le and Chau Kiet Luan.

Specifically, in 2010, Lam Yen suddenly shared about her love affair with Duong Quy Le. In 2006, the beauty and Duong Quy Le knew each other and secretly dated. Because at this time, the director surnamed Duong is dating Lam Tam Nhu, so many viewers criticized him and “little tam” Lam Yen. This is also the reason Lam Tam Nhu ended her 7-year-old love affair with Duong Quy Le.

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Lam Yen shows off a photo taken with Chau Kiet Luan.

Lam Yen also revealed that the actor surnamed Chau was infatuated and pursued her intensely. Once when he went to Beijing, he called her four times a day to invite her to eat. However, due to geographical distance, this relationship did not progress further. The actress revealed a photo she took with Chau Kiet Luan to prove her special relationship with the actor.

Current private life, stay away from showbiz

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The star “Humiliation” is getting younger and more private.

The career “stomped in place”, Lam Yen’s love affair also made her live more secretively. Currently, the public sees her regularly sharing her skin care experiences with netizens through her personal page. Lam Yen also changed her fashion style to be more discreet and youthful.

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Beautiful people stay away from the entertainment world because of the hot death scenes in the past.

In addition to being an actor, Lam Yen also invests in companies and established her own brand. The obsessions when filming made Lam Yen afraid of men. That is also the reason why Lam Yen later announced that she could not love men. Currently, the beauty “Hum Boo” is dating actress Bach Linh.

18+ beauties give up on hot scenes because... afraid of men - 7

Lam Yen’s beautiful beauty at the age of U30.

According to Sohu, at the end of February 2020, Lam Yen’s assets currently exceed 100 million yuan (more than 359 billion dong). On her personal page, she often shares pictures of traveling or enjoying a luxurious life. Lam Yen also changed her name to Lam Tam Nghien, she shared that she did not want to continue to be associated with the title of “sex symbol”.

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