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31-month-old boy was bitten by a dog and injured his head

Quang NinhA 31 month old boy was playing in the yard, when the dog bit his head, peeling off the skin, exposing his skull, bleeding profusely.

Vietnam – Sweden Uong Bi Hospital received emergency treatment, CT scan showed fracture of right occipital bone, right temporal hematoma. The doctor did the surgery and treated the baby’s wound

The patient’s family said that every day, the child would often go to his grandmother’s house and play with the adopted western dog. This time for some reason the dog suddenly attacked the baby.

Doctors recommend that families do not allow children to come into contact with pets, dogs and cats, especially dogs that have just given birth, are eating, injured, aggressive dog breeds… When releasing dogs from captivity they should be muzzled, periodically vaccinated for rabies.

If bitten by a dog, rinse the wound thoroughly under clean running water, then rinse with 70% alcohol. Then take the child to the nearest medical facility for timely wound care and rabies vaccination.

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