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4 time rules “in minutes” distinguish the rich

1. Take half a minute to think before speaking

Have you ever discovered that many quarrels and misunderstandings in life are caused by quick mouthing.

Obviously there was no malice, but because of thoughtless speech, it offended everyone.

Originally meant to be good, but because he didn’t know how to express it, he fell into the situation of being misunderstood and hated by people.

Opening your mouth to speak is easy, but achieving the purpose of communication is not easy.

Think carefully before you speak so you don’t unintentionally hurt others. Because sometimes “The speaker is unintentional, the listener is intentional”.

When you want to judge someone, stop for half a minute and ask yourself if you really understand them all.

When you want to argue with someone, take half a minute to think about if there is a better way to put it than arguing.

Taking a moment of silence is the greatest kindness you can do to yourself and to others.

4 rules of time measured in minutes distinguish the rich - the poor: Use different time, different destiny!  - Photo 1.

2. What you want to do, start right away within 2 minutes

Leonardo da Vinci is typical of a procrastinator, because of the habit of procrastination, he ended up leaving humanity with no more than 20 paintings, of which five or six were still unfinished to be delivered to customers. until he died.

Da Vinci sadly said: “Tell me, in the end, what work is done?”

If you put things off until the last minute, then when the results aren’t good, you can comfort yourself: “It’s because I didn’t spend enough time preparing.”

The implication of this saying is: The results are not good, certainly not because of my weak ability.

There is a famous “two-minute rule” in psychology.

What you want to do, start right away within 2 minutes, otherwise you will have a tendency to constantly procrastinate, even give up.

So don’t be afraid to fail and don’t procrastinate out of fear. The best choice is to do what comes to mind.

What can defeat confusion and depression is always concrete actions.

3. When angry, cool your head for three minutes

There is a little story as follows:

Once upon a time, there was a man who happened to have a precious purple earthenware teapot and loved it very much.

Unexpectedly, one night, when he dreamed of turning over, he accidentally touched the teapot with his hand, causing the lid to fall to the ground.

Seeing that, he woke up startled and thought that he had lost the lid of the kettle, so what’s the use of keeping the body warm?

Then throw the rest of the warm body out the window.

Unexpectedly, at dawn the next morning, he discovered that the lid of the kettle last night accidentally fell on the cotton shoe, so it was okay.

The man was very regretful, but then thought that the teapot was gone, keeping the lid was useless, so he broke the lid with his foot.

Stepping out the door, this person looked up and suddenly saw the teapot that was thrown out last night, still on the tree branch…

After reading this story, I can’t help but feel sorry for this man.

But real adults know how to calmly handle things.

Next time you’re emotional, try taking a few deep breaths and counting from 0 to 100.

Don’t let anger overwhelm your reason and lead you to erroneous results.

4 rules of time measured in minutes distinguish the rich - the poor: Use different time, different destiny!  - Photo 2.

4. 5 minutes ahead of everything

Napoleon once said, “In crises, there are a few details that, however small, are often decisive.”

Have you ever thought about the reason: Why does every test give out test papers 5 minutes before?

A longtime teacher once frankly shared:

“There’s a lot of work to do in the five minutes before the test. Check if the test paper and answer sheet are missing or blurred. If you’re in the middle of a test and you notice a problem, try first. It’s all a waste to take the exam.”

Wake up 5 minutes earlier in the morning so you have a leisurely morning.

Schedule work 5 minutes in advance, giving you more time to deal with unexpected problems.

Whether in being human or at work, treating yourself or others, scheduling your time or setting up an appointment, with just a few extra thought and preparation, your life will become more comfortable. roof and more efficient.

Those who are prepared in advance will always have the favor of fate.

Do not underestimate a few short minutes, because it not only shows one’s conception of time but also reflects one’s attitude towards life.

Most people who are in the habit of doing everything 5 minutes in advance are very disciplined and have a sense of time. Working with such people gives us a great sense of security and trustworthiness.

Doing everything 5 minutes in advance will bring you closer to success.

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