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5 methods to put you into deep sleep in just a “blink”

1. Take a deep breath

5 methods to put you into deep sleep in just a

Deep breathing is a method of relaxing the body and mind that is recommended by scientists. Changing your breathing will slow down your heart rate, lower blood pressure, stimulate your resting and digestive systems, thereby helping you fight feelings of anxiety and nervousness to make it easier to fall asleep.

To practice deep breathing, Dana Santas, a nutrition expert suggests: “Try to inhale gently and without sound and then exhale like a ‘sigh of relief’. Direct all of your senses along the path of the air through your nose, down your throat, into your lungs, and out. Instead of wandering thoughts, this method will help your mind focus on breathing properly, thereby making it easier for you to fall asleep.”

2. Meditation

Meditation has been known as a method of calming the body and mind for centuries. Studies show that it can support psychotherapy, quit smoking, treat headaches, depression, … and countless other effects including helping us to fall asleep. and faster.

One study even showed that meditating for 30 minutes a day for two weeks produced significant changes in brain structure. Neuroscientist Richard Davidson, professor of psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, also confirmed: “Mind exercises like meditation can actually change brain function and structure.”

3. Visualize

5 methods to put you into deep sleep in just a

Visualization is another incredibly popular sleep aid. Visualize a quiet and peaceful spot in your mind and fill it with specific objects, colors, and sounds. Researchers have found that the more detailed people visualize, the easier it is to get rid of negative thoughts.

4. Relax the muscles

5 methods to put you into deep sleep in just a

Most of us don’t realize how tired our muscles are until we feel the pain. Experts say that relaxing your muscles even when you don’t feel tired is also a way to relax your body, making it easier to fall asleep.

Stretch and release muscle groups in the body in a certain sequence, starting from the head, neck, to the toes and feet. Each part should be stretched for at least 10 seconds. Try to squeeze the muscles but don’t make them cramp, then relax the muscles suddenly and at the same time.

5. Plan the next day before going to bed

Instead of bringing the worries of the next day’s work to your bed, plan ahead so that your mind is as free as possible.

Sleep expert Dr Dasgupta, assistant professor of clinical medicine at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine, says: “Don’t worry in bed, plan your problems. problems you worry about outside of your sleep, or better yet, in a space other than your bedroom so that those worries don’t creep into your mind at night.”

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