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A civilized traffic situation “causes a fever” in the online community

Hopefully, the image of the polite situation of giving way to each other in the clip will inspire everyone to build a civilized traffic culture.

Traffic situation is okay camera journey mounted on a motorcyclist’s hat recorded on a UK route, showing the moment this person was weaving between two lanes of congested cars, when suddenly the arm of a bus driver poked out. Out the door, give the sign to ask this person to stop.

This person immediately stopped the car, only then did he realize a man was walking across the street and standing in front of the bus, so he was out of sight. When seeing the motor coming, the pedestrian raised his hand to invite the motorcyclist to move first. However, the motorcyclist gave way to the pedestrian to cross the street first. After giving way, pedestrians do not forget to nod to thank them.

Motorcyclist, who received a commendable “like” from the bus driver for giving way. This person also immediately took a nice action in response to the bus driver.

A civilized and polite traffic situation “fevers” the online community (Video: Reddit).

The video about this civilized and historical traffic situation quickly went viral on many online communities around the world, such as Facebook, Twitter or Reddit, before being re-shared on social networking platforms in Vietnam. . Many netizens expressed interest in the way the three people handled the situation in the clip.

“A beautiful traffic situation is worth emulating and learning from, from bus drivers, motorcyclists to even those who give way. Gentle actions are enough to show the courtesy of each person. when in traffic. It’s interesting!”, Facebook account P.Anh commented on the clip.

“I love the way each person reacts in this clip, but I like the fistfight between the bus driver and the motorcyclist, as if the two of them have worked together to create something interesting.” a social media user commented.

Many netizens think that if everyone in traffic were to give each other gentle and polite actions like the 3 people in the clip, traveling on the road would become lighter and less stressful. so many, so much.

According to Dan Tri

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