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A special dish that only the rich can afford, the more they eat, the better, 270,000 VND/kg

Paddlefish (also known as soapfish, soapfish, or even clams) are a class of saltwater marine fish, belonging to the gentle shark species. They have the following characteristics: have a small mouth and have a handle like a squid; large head with dark gray skin with white cotton; The body is elongated, the tail is pointed, and the body is heavily patterned in dark gray.

Paddlefish like to live in warm water, inhabit the deep sea and usually live on the bottom. They appear in the windy season, when the sea is rough. In our country, they are distributed from the sea from Binh Dinh to Phan Thiet and some places in Central and Phu Quoc (Kien Giang).

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Paddlefish like to live in warm water, inhabit the deep sea and usually live on the bottom.

Ngoc Trung (32 years, Binh Dinh) – a seafood vendor in Ho Chi Minh City, said: “The octopus is very fatty, the flesh gives off a sweet and fatty substance like cobia, very fresh, with bone residue. The head and tail of the fish are crispy with a lot of cartilage.Therefore, it is considered a favorite fish of the rich.

Fishermen at sea can catch paddlefish all year round, but the peak is still a few months before and after the Chinese New Year. This is also the time when my shop sells this fish very well.”

Customers who buy fish from Mr. shop. Ngoc Trung are mostly customers with good incomes or wealthy families. They are willing to spend millions of dong to buy paddle fish to enjoy. “Compared to other types of fish, rowing is quite expensive, around 270,000 VND/kg. Each fish weighs up to 3-4kg, so to buy a fish it costs around 800-100,000 VND. This amount is not small compared to the expenses of every Vietnamese family,” said Pak Ngoc Trung.

In addition, Pak Ngoc Trung often pours paddle fish for luxury restaurants or hotels in the city. Therefore, according to him, those who do not need to buy whole fish to be processed can go to a restaurant to enjoy some of the dishes made from it.

“The fish is used as raw material to be processed into various dishes such as grilled, hot pot, re-lemon, dipped in vinegar, fried in fish sauce. But the most signature dish is still hot pot and grilled with salt and chili. People on the coast also say that rowing fish is not only delicious and nutritious, but can also cure scabies and sores in children,” said Pak Ngoc Trung.

Here are two of the most typical dishes made from freshwater fish:

Grilled Paddlefish

The process of making paddle fish is very difficult. You should put a pot of water on the stove until it boils, then add some cold water, dip the fish in the water, then remove it immediately, using a gentle scrub to remove all the scales. Then you split the stomach to remove the offal, wash and cut into pieces, salted with wild chili seeds.

Put the fish meat on the red charcoal stove, the cooked fish is ready to eat. Each piece of paddlefish is seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon for a very special taste: sweet and fatty fish flesh, crunchy bones. It is considered a dish suitable for mixed men with a few cups of wine.

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Paddle fish hot pot

After preliminary processing, the fish will be cut into bite-sized pieces, continue to add a pot of boiling water, comb the rice, add chopped pineapple, tomatoes, lemongrass and chilies. Close the lid and place it in the hot pot, in the center of the dining table. Next to him was a plate of pink-and-white paddlefish, vermicelli and a plate of fresh vegetables.

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Boiling hot pot is also a time when everyone is enjoying the food. All you have to do is dip in the fish meat and greens to enjoy this amazing hot pot right away. Fish meat dipped in dangerous chili fish sauce will have nothing like it.

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