Angry at his wife, husband poured pesticides into soft drinks for 6-year-old children to drink

After the divorce and beating the child, his wife went to court to claim custody of the child. Phu was angry about mixing pesticides into soft drink and then giving it to his 6-year-old son to drink.

On March 19, the People’s Procuracy of Can Tho City approved the decision to prosecute and the arrest warrant for suspect Le Thanh Phu (30 years old, living in Phuoc Thoi ward, O Mon district) to investigate the behavior. Killing.

According to the initial investigation results, suspect Phu and Ms. TNBH (29 years old, living in O Mon district) got married in 2012, both have a common child, T. (6 years old).

By June 2021, Phu and Ms. H. divorced. Ms. H. entrusted her child to Phu to raise according to the court’s decision.

Angry at his wife, father put pesticides in fresh water for his 6-year-old son to drink-1
The pesticide bottle that suspect Phu used to mix in soft drinks for his 6-year-old child to drink

At the beginning of March 2022, Ms. H. asked the court to change the child custodian, saying that Phu often beat and yelled at her child. On March 14, the People’s Court of O Mon district, invited Phu and Ms. H. to come for reconciliation.

That day, Phu got angry and drove T. to leave without signing the minutes. On the way, Phu had the intention to kill T. and then committed suicide. The accused went to a store selling agricultural supplies to buy pesticides, then took his children to a motel in Phuoc Thoi ward, O Mon district to rent a room.

Phu asked the innkeeper to give two bottles of soft drink and a glass of ice water to mix pesticides in to make it easier to drink.

Suspect Phu mixed insecticide into a soft drink bottle and gave it to T. to drink.

After drinking some, the 6-year-old felt uncomfortable, so he spat out and cried. At this time, Phu used his hand to hook his throat so that T. would vomit again.

Then, Phu went to the front of the inn to buy lemonade for T. to drink. Baby T. continued to vomit, so Phu took him to Can Tho Children’s Hospital for emergency.

On the way, Phu called to inform his family about the incident. The suspect was then arrested for investigation, and T. was receiving emergency treatment at the hospital.

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