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Apple’s low-cost iPhone is more powerful than top Android phones-Hi-tech fashion

Saturday, March 19, 2022 13:30 PM (GMT+7)

Apple’s latest “budget” iPhone SE, the iPhone SE 2022, comes with the A15 Bionic chip found on the iPhone 13, and that’s why its performance is truly outstanding.

With the most advanced chip currently on iPhone, iPhone SE 2022 has outperformed current flagship Android phones like the Galaxy S22 Ultra. A lot of people think it’s a joke, but it really is. Performance benchmarks measure the performance of iPhone 13″ Compared to high-end Android phones will give users some insight.

TelephoneHigher scores are better
iPhone 13″1728
Galaxy S22 Ultra1157
Pixel 6 Pro1042
Asus ROG Phone 51121

Since the iPhone SE 2022 has an A15 Bionic chip with 6 CPU cores, 4 GPU cores, a 16-core Neural Engine processor and 4 GB of RAM like the iPhone 13, we can trust that the performance will be at the same level. With a smart strategy for iPhone SE 2022, Apple will continue to attract more and more users and fans to its iPhone ecosystem.

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If the average smartphone user needs a new phone in 2022, most will want a good phone that can last for years, which means it gets updates for years, as long as you don’t. still using it.

Apple has released iPhone SE 2022 priced at about 12.99 million VND in Vietnam. Although the design is a bit outdated with thick borders, it is created with high-quality materials and the Apple logo is stamped on the back, giving users quite a peace of mind that this phone will work well and run the latest software for a while. quite a while.

Switch to Android phones. Users who used to have cheap Android phones can understand that those phones can be quite slow or even break without knowing what the reason is. Therefore, for long-term peace of mind, users often have to pay attention to high-end Android phones. However, with Galaxy S22the starting amount of VND 21.99 million is completely different, and it is just the cheapest model in the great family of Galaxy S22.

If they are a basic user who doesn’t need to exploit advanced features, they can easily realize that even super expensive Android phones can’t match cheap iPhones when looking at raw performance. Not stopping there, Samsung’s track record of software updates is far from perfect, so many people can’t be 100% sure how long any Android phone can get an OS update.

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“Up to four years” is Samsung’s recent strategy for some of its phones. That may sound like a good number, but it’s still just a promise. That’s not to mention Android manufacturers often take an extra time to roll out the latest update to users of their devices. Meanwhile, the iPhone is completely different as it is guaranteed to receive new updates at the same time as every other member is supported, whether it is the low-cost iPhone SE or the high-end iPhone Pro, as well as the older iPhones. or new life.

Of course, Android phones still have more benefits than iPhones. In addition to being open source platforms, their specifications are also always focused so they can show strength in a variety of content.

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